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AutoAnything Weekly Product Review: Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection Kit

There’s no rest for the weary, which is why we’ve been working overtime to get you the gear you want for your ride! Take a look at the new water/methanol injection kit we just picked up from Snow Performance.

What it does: Water/Methanol injection can only be used on cars that utilize forced induction (turbochargers & superchargers) to make a majority of the engines horsepower and torque. By injecting a 50-50 mixture of water and methanol into the fuel mixture, you can decrease your EGT’s by 250 degrees and cool your intake charge by as much as 200 degrees. By cooling the intake charge, you are reducing the chances of detonation and engine knock at that given boost level, which in turn means you can safely run more boost and thus get more power!

Methanol injection kits are becoming a hot topic in tuner communities because it is a great way to make your car faster, but it is also fairly safe for your engine…much safer than running nitrous oxide or propane injection. Plus, it’ll help boost your fuel economy up to 10%. There are three different power stages you can choose from; stage 1 is for turbocharged/supercharged cars that are mostly stock, stage 2 is for tuned vehicles with performance modifications, and stage 3 is for towing and ultra high performance. Each water/meth kit is designed for a specific vehicle and it can work in both gas and diesel environments.

Video: Water Methanol Injection Kit

Here’s a quick video explaining some of the benefits to running water/methanol injection on a turbo charged car.  Check it out and get schooled on how to get more power from your whip!