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Top 5 Signs That Your Car’s Computer Has Been Hacked

Computer Hackers

According to the NY Times, two groups of computer scientists are warning that the onboard computer systems in modern cars are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. The scientists claim that they were able to remotely control the test vehicle’s brake system and other critical systems, though they did not mention whether they were able to successfully tweak the car’s nav system to display unsolicited sales pitches for shockingly affordable Viagra.

Although the risk of hacking won’t be a real threat until cars are connected to the internet, you should still familiarize yourself with the telltale signs that your ride has been taken over by malicious dweebs. Here are the top five signs that they’re inside your matrix: Continue reading

The 5 Worst Foods to Eat in Your Car

Eating In The Car

True—driving and dinning go together like Chumbawamba and the socially awkward. But that doesn’t mean that all foods are suited for snacking behind the wheel. Before you order another to-go cup of wonton soup for your drive down the California coast, check out this list of the five worst foods to eat in your car. Continue reading

The 5 Best Foods to Eat in Your Car


Driving and dinning go together like wrestling and armpit shaving. In fact, if I extrapolate the data gathered from an unscientific poll of three of my coworkers, then it appears that the majority of Americans spend almost as much time eating meals behind the wheel than they do square dancing (I work with grandparents). Although eating while driving is a common activity, there are certain foods that seem perfectly engineered for consumption in cars. Here’s a basic list of five of the best foods to munch while motoring. Continue reading

5 Love Songs Best Played on Your Car Stereo

Love On The Road

Loving your woman and driving your car aren’t that different. You get excited turning her on in the morning. You love lavishing her with glimmering trinkets. And you pay dearly if you skimp on the servicing.

Because driving and loving are inextricably linked, it makes sense that certain love songs have more power and meaning played through your car stereo. The next time you’re nurturing a crush or nursing a bruised heart, you can commiserate with this list of five tracks best played when you’re behind the wheel. Continue reading

Top 5 Rainy Day Driving Songs (Plus a Bonus Track)

Rainy Windshield

Here in our hometown of San Diego, we’re known for our biotech industry, our well-trained orca, and our dense military population. We’re not exactly a city with a reputation for rain. However, the skies sometimes like to open up and shower off our sandy streets and dusty mall rooftops. Invariably, even a light celestial tinkle leads to snarled traffic. On the bright side, those long delays give us the opportunity to get reacquainted with the soggier songs in our iPods. Here’s a quick list of 5 of our favorite rainy day driving songs, plus a special bonus track. Continue reading

5 Songs for Fast Driving

This Ride Will Rock Your Face Off

Can the cops really blame us for thumbing our noses at their speed limits? The intoxicating blend of raw power under the hood and Raw Power blasting through the stereo is enough to strip away the inhibitions of even the most defensive drivers. But, not all music inspires machismo motoring. The only reason you’d drive fast with Yani coming through the speakers is to plow harder into a brick wall to end your suffering. Here are a handful of tracks that redline our engines and eardrums.  Continue reading

Top 5 Punk Songs About Cars

Punk Rock Gymnastics

Dust off your leather jacket with the Subhumans banner pinned to the back, sharpen the spikes in your Mohawk with raw eggs, and puke all over your parents’ door mat—it’s time to bring punk rock back from the dead by listing out the top 5 punk songs about cars!

Okay, hold on a second, literal readers out there. We’re not technically bringing punk back from the dead. That was a figure of speech. What we are doing is something more like digging up punk rock’s corpse and poking at it with a stick. It’s still a tribute, though. So sit back, crack open a Blatz and take an anarchic trip down memory lane. Continue reading

Top 5 Winter-Driving Songs

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we can all get down to focusing on just how lousy the weather is. All around the United States, snow storms have been running wilder than a liquored up San Diego State sophomore in Tijuana. And where there’s a snow storm, there’s traffic—the two go together like a bottle of tequila and a whistle.

Now, there’s not a lot to like about traffic. The only advantage of being stuck in your car is that you can reconnect with your playlists. Some music (Beach Boys, say) ought to be avoided in the dead of winter, but some tracks are appropriate for the season. Here’s a quick list of tune’s I’d listen to on a wintry drive:

Continue reading