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New Air Intake Systems, Cash Back Rebates and Great Promos – AutoAnything Weekly Update

January has come and gone, the Steelers just barely beat out the Card’s in the Superbowl and Punxsutawney Phil gets to take another 6 weeks of PTO. As exciting as all that has been, we’ve got some breaking news of our own that hasn’t hit the papers yet.

We’ve added two new products, a cold air intake and a beefy throttle body spacer, both from Street & Performance Electronics. We also setup some fantastic promos with our vendors. They’re so good, in fact, that even our little groundhog friend will be sorry he hibernated through the deals.  :)

New Products from Street & Performance Electronics

  • Helix Power Tower Plus Throttle Body Spacer – The Helix Power Tower Plus gives incoming air the perfect swirly, purported to offer up to an extra 22 HP if you gun it or an extra 4 MPG if you feather it. This bolt-on spacer is pretty easy to install, taking about 45 minutes for most vehicles.
  • AirMax Spiral Flow Air Intake – Here again, Street & Performance puts to work the idea that spinning air swirls some extra horsepower out of the engine. This time, it’s a rifled sleeve inside the intake tube that starts the spin and gets all that extra air in line to burn. Good for extra power, torque and maybe even an MPG or two, this spiral flow intake comes with a high flow washable air filter and a steel heat shield for maximum engine gains. The whole kit comes powder coated for a flawless finish.

Promotions and Rebates

If you thought new products were the only thing we’ve been working on, then you should be stoked to know that we’ve lined up some $25 rebates on a few AFE products and some special promos with Truxedo, BAK, Extang, Undercover, Borla and MBRP. Here’s the deal:

$25 Rebate on AFE Stage 2 Intakes, Blade Runner Manifold & Exhaust Systems

AFE – Get a $25 cash card (via AFE mail-in-rebate) on AFE’s Stage 2 intake, the Blade Runner intake manifold, the Mach Force XP & Large Bore HD exhaust systems. The purchase must be made between 2/1/09 and 4/30/09, click the banner for complete details.

  1. AFE Stage 2 Air Intake – More than just an air filter and plenum, the stage 2 kit replaces your entire air intake tract, improving flow dynamics by providing a more laminar air flow straight into the manifold.
  2. AFE Blade Runner – Perfectly complement your air intake with the Blade Runner intake manifold. Larger than stock and constructed from high quality materials, AFE’s Blade Runner intake manifold will flow more air into your engine, letting it breathe easier and make more power.
  3. AFE Exhaust – Available in two flavors:
  • The AFE Large Bore HD Exhaust is a great way to beef up your exhaust tone. The Large Bore HD uses oversized aluminized tubing to free up extra horsepower and give your engine a nice low end grunt. Available in both cat back and turboback styles.
  • AFE Mach Force XP Exhaust – For maximum power gains, look no further than the Mach Force XP from AFE. Up to 5″ stainless steel piping is used on this monster exhaust, thereby minimizing back pressure and allowing your turbo to spool faster and make more boost. Turboback or catback, it’s your choice, but no matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed by the power gains.

We’ve also worked out a few truck tonneau cover and exhaust promos.  All of these promotions are valid through 2/28/09. Here’s the quick and dirty break down, click the links if you want to get all the details.

  1. Truxedo Tonneau – Free Tailgate seal with the purchase of any Truxedo Tonneau.
  2. Extang Tonneau – Free MaxSeal tailgate seal with the purchase of a Trifecta, BlackMax, Tuff Tonneau III , RT Tonneau or Revolution tonneau cover.
  3. Undercover Tonneau – Free MaxSeal Tailgate Seal with all Undercover tonneau cover orders.
  4. BAK RollBAK Tonneau Cover – Free Door Sill Protector with the purchase of a BAK RollBAK tonneau cover
  5. Lund Tonneau – Purchase any Lund Genesis tonneau cover and get a free MaxSeal Tailgate seal.
  6. MBRP Exhaust – Free MBRP Exhaust Tip with the purhase of an MBRP 4″ Diesel Exhaust System.
  7. Borla Exhaust – Free Borla Hat with the purchase of any Borla exhaust system or header kit.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week, but keep an eye on the blog to stay in the loop, we’ll have even more for you next week.


We’ve taken an additional 10% off the Edge Evolution, Edge Mileage and Edge Juice programmers. Not only that, but we’ll overnight ship your order for FREE and throw in a Edge sweatshirt at no additional cost.  This promotion just started today and ends 3/5/09, so if you’ve been wanting an Edge power programmer, don’t miss out on this deal because it’s the best you’ll find, on or off the net.

AFE Air Filters – An Attribute To Save The World?

For a few months I have been thinking about ways to change something in order to have a hand in improving the situation of our environment. I ended up buying AFE filters. Why? Just read it.

What is happening with our air? Is there anything people can do for our environment? And if so, are there any activities that a single man can do? Does he really impact the whole environment, where billions of other influences factor in as well? For the last two months I have been dealing with these kinds of questions. I thought, if a man who was not able to beat George W. Bush in an election (faked or not), wins a Nobel price due to his huge attainments for the safety of the world, I should at least rescue the clean air in my hometown, where cows and birds are playing golf together and the fox beats the rabbit at playing chess. As you can see, first of all I wanted to consider one element and “air” was the only one that came into question. Why?

Fire: There is no reason to save fire. Just think back to California, where it has destroyed thousands of houses and injured hundreds of people.

Earth: Remember your childhood and how often you got dirty because of all the mud at the playground. And now that I am a father, do I really want to save all the mud on the clothes of my two sons? Of course not!

Water: My sister already wants to save this element, so I can’t copy her – unfortunately. I like the idea of saving a small Flipper in our big ocean.

So there was just one element left, called air. In the beginning it sounds a bit boring in comparison to the other ones, but you have to remember, this is not a selfish competition. The one who has saved the most interesting element will not rule the world. And honestly, who wants to steal Stewie’s dream of conquering the world?

This article is about doing something to avoid an environmental disaster like the ones we have seen in tons of Hollywood movies. And even if I think that they are a bit extreme in order to win the attention and afterwards the money of the spectators (But I am not really sure – this is just an assumption!), I think we have to start changing something concerning our habits as soon as possible.

So last month I began to search on the internet for what I have to do first in order to be the next Al Gore. So I typed in Google: “What do I have to do first, when I want to save the air?” This is pretty logical, isn’t it? I came across a site called “Save the planet”. But as I already mentioned, the whole planet is a bit too much for me because I am a guy from a town that has maybe 2.000 citizens and 20.000 cows. So I kept looking, but I changed the keyword a bit. This time I just typed in: “How can I filter the dirty air from our globe?” By doing this I came across a few sites that were about air filters. I thought that filtering the air with good air filters is probably a good way to start rescuing one of our four elements. So I bought twenty Air filters from a company called AFE. Just two days later I got my new air filters, but I was a bit surprised that something so small could filter air. But I tried it. Unfortunately, it did not work. When I was standing on the top of the highest house in my hometown (18 feet), a guy who was walking by told me why. He said “Hey dude, these filters only improve the engine performance of your vehicle; they don’t filter the earth’s air”. As you can imagine, it was pretty embarrassing.

Afterwards I decided to quit my new career as the savior of the world. But now that I have 20 great air filters for my car, I am the king of the road. And if anyone will blame me for neglecting my dream to save the air that fast, I will answer: “At least I was thinking about finding a way to improve our threatened environment.” Maybe I will also add “And dude, you have to remember, I have air filters!!”

If you are thinking that new AFE Air Filters are a good purchase, even if they won’t save the world (but maybe a bit), then search on internet. There you will come across all kinds of car performance accessories like Throttle Body Spacers. But afterwards, try to do at least a bit to improve the situation of our environment. You will benefit from it. Everyone does!