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The Ultimate “Do Not Try This At Home” Stunt… or, DIY Motorcycle Rocket Launchers

Ambitious? Yes. 

Dangerous? Hell Yes. 

Useful? Only when trying to cause a fire or explosion at your local firework stands.

Rhys Millen to Attempt a Backflip in a Trophy Truck on New Years Eve

Red Bull rocks.  It’s great for energy, a great mixer if you spend a night out on the town and they seem to have a limitless amount of money to spend on special events.  From the Red Bull Flugtag to the Air Races to this; the Red Bull New Year No Limits showdown.

Rhys fractured 5 vertebrae last year attempting this stunt, but that’s not stopping him from trying it again.  He’s spent the last year figuring out what went wrong (and healing his spine), and he’s now confident that he can pull it off.  The stunt will be performed on New Years Eve in Las Vegas and shown live on ESPN, and in high def on ESPN HD, at 11:00 PM eastern time (8:00 PM pacific).  Robbie Maddison will also be attempting at a 96 foot vertical jump on his dirt bike, so it should make for an interesting New Years Eve, hopefully no one gets hurt this time!

Video: Guy Changes a Car’s Tire While It’s Doing Donuts

Don’t try this at home!

Incredible Drifting and Death Defying Stunts in a Subaru Rally Car

Ken Brock Does Donuts Around a Segway

You may or may not know the name Ken Block. If you haven’t heard his name before, he is a Subaru rally driver and co-founder of DC Shoes. He’s also the man who made a 171-foot jump in a Subaru Rally car. He is two things. First: an incredible driver. Second: utterly insane.

Here is an absolutely ridiculous video of Ken driving his 530WHP Subaru STi around the El Toro airfield in his Gymkhana car. Not only does he push his Impreza STi the very limits, but he does donuts around a guy who is riding a segway. Enjoy.

Source: 0-60 Mag