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Hyundai & Co. Slice and Dice Footage, Hot Climb Attack Video Emerges

There’s been no shortage of Pikes Peak videos this year, here’s another to wet your palate.

Video: Rhys Millen Rocks the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Rhys Millen Pikes Peak Finish Line

Although Ford was unable to break the 10 minute barrier this year at the PPIHC, Rhys Millen did smash the two wheel drive record for the mountain, setting the bar at 12:09:397. He was driving his supped-up, Red Bull sponsored Hyundai Genesis for the run. If you want to check out his record-breaking run, hit the jump…

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Rhys Millen to Attempt a Backflip in a Trophy Truck on New Years Eve

Red Bull rocks.  It’s great for energy, a great mixer if you spend a night out on the town and they seem to have a limitless amount of money to spend on special events.  From the Red Bull Flugtag to the Air Races to this; the Red Bull New Year No Limits showdown.

Rhys fractured 5 vertebrae last year attempting this stunt, but that’s not stopping him from trying it again.  He’s spent the last year figuring out what went wrong (and healing his spine), and he’s now confident that he can pull it off.  The stunt will be performed on New Years Eve in Las Vegas and shown live on ESPN, and in high def on ESPN HD, at 11:00 PM eastern time (8:00 PM pacific).  Robbie Maddison will also be attempting at a 96 foot vertical jump on his dirt bike, so it should make for an interesting New Years Eve, hopefully no one gets hurt this time!