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Nick “Hogan” Bollea Released From Prison After Wreckless Driving Accident

Some time ago we wrote about Nick Bollea, son of Hulk Hogan, turning 18 and being upgraded from juvenille hall to the real deal.  Shortly after midnight last night, Nick was released from prison after serving only 166 days of his 8 month sentence.  He was released early on good behavior. 

It’s been reported that Nick will be living on his own soon, although he will still be on probation with a suspended license.  There are also rumors that Nick is considering hosting his own reality TV show…like there isn’t enough garbage on TV these days. 

Source: The Mikey Morning Show in San Diego

Nick Bollea Turns 18, Gets to Open Presents in a Real Prison

Nick Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s son, had a little incident with wreckless driving last year. If you haven’t heard, the story goes that he was traveling at a high rate of speed on Court Street in Florida in his fathers tricked out Toyota Supra. As you can see from the gallery below, the impact was a little rough, but the damage will probably buff right out. Although Nick and his friend both survived the wreck, his friend will need medical care for the rest of his life.

Sentenced to 8 months in jail, the minor was staying with other juveniles in the Pinellas County Jail until he turns 18 this Sunday, when he will be transfered into the general population. Nick’s expected release date is in October 2008, but he will be on probation for another 4 years & 4 months, along with a 2 year suspension of his license. What do you think, does the punishment fit the crime? Look at the pictures before you decide…

Pictures from: NextConceptCars.com