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Mercedes SLS AMG Runs the ‘Ring

2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

A car that has been largely shrouded in secrecy has just been put to the test on the Nurburgring. The SLS AMG is the next generation of the SLR, featuring aggressive styling cues, gull wing doors, and a brute of an engine. Listen to it roar as it roams the ‘Ring for the full 13 miles. Keep in mind this isn’t the “official” time, this was a preview day. The final production car with a more experienced ‘Ring driver and no co-pilot should yield much faster results.

SL65 AMG Black Series does a 4th Gear Dyno Pull

Not bad Mercedes… not bad at all.  This is a long pull, from 35mph in 4th gear all the way up to 190.  It’s pretty incredible to see the kind of torque this engine makes; even at 1,250 rpm’s, it doesn’t take much time for the Black edition to get into it’s power band and when that needle hits 80mph, this thing really starts screaming.  Make sure to turn up your speakers, the sound coming from this engine is pure bliss.

Mercedes-Benz Snowflake Generator

Mercedes SnowFlake Generator

If you’re looking to kill some time and like car parts & fractals, then Mercedes has just the thing for you.  Their snowflake generator uses auto parts like a spoiler, tach needle, brake disc, shift knob, wheel and tire to create something beautiful.  When you’re all done, enter a personalized message and click go.  A short but sweet animation will play and then you’ll have the option to send it off to a friend via email.  Check it out at Mercedes-AMG.com.