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Cars St. Patty would be Proud to Drive

Hoist Your Brew for Erin Go Bragh

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, the day when people all over the globe (but especially in Dublin and Boston) pay their respects to one of the patron saints of Ireland. Now, paying one’s respects comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people opt to dust off their House of Pain muscle shirts and guzzle green-tinted beer in the streets. Others prefer to don Flogging Molly sweatshirts and guzzle green-tinted beer in the streets. We prefer to tip our cap to Saint Patrick by putting together a collection of our favorite Irish-y automobiles. Check ‘em out: Continue reading

Why Do Rally Drivers Need Co-Pilots?


Friends have asked me this question before. They seem to think its as easy as knowing the race course, kinda like F1.  But rally is totally different; the courses are longer, road conditions vary and there are obstacles around every turn, not to mention fans hanging out on the track.

Watch as Irish rally driver Jimmy Deane pushes a Ford Escort MkII to the limits.  Driving instructions come from Barry Meade, the co-driver, whose driving instruction is so overwhelmingly positive, you’d think his day job was being a motivational speaker.


Via AutoBlog and their sources…