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Summer Officially Arrives, Bearing the Promise of Tans and Special Savings

Summer Kickback Sale

Wiccans don’t need to be reminded that today’s the summer solstice. Not only are their crystal-clad bodies naturally in tune with Gaia’s shifting phases, but their Twilight calendars also have Crayloa-scrawled pentagrams on today’s box as a reminder. If you’re not a follower of the horned god and moon-drenched goddess and if you don’t have a pentagram-marked Twilight calendar, you at least have us. You’re welcome.

Besides spreading solstice cheer, we’re here with good news: two of the bossest brands in the business, Edge and Injen, are running summer specials.

Edge Accessories

Edge’s sale is twofold. First, we’re reducing our prices on the Juice Attitude, Evolution CS and Evolution CTS. Second, Edge is matching our cut in sales and giving you back cold, hard cash (up to $50) through a rebate when you order one of those programmers between now and August 2, 2010.

Injen Accessories

Injen’s special doesn’t require any math. Simply put: order any Injen air intake system, get a free Hydro Shield while supplies last. So hurry up because supplies will last about as long as a Big Stick at the Puerto Rican Day Parade.