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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Have you been paying attention to your advent calendar? There are only 7 more crappy pieces of chocolate left, and you know what that means. You’ve got to get cracking on your gift-buying. Your cousin, Jedidiah, in Provo is expecting you to make up for last year’s thoughtless (and mildly blasphemous) gift: a beard trimmer. Not sure what to get? Here are a couple of new products that we added to the site last night that might just do the trick:

Du-Ha Storage Cases

Du Ha StoragePerfect for the person on the go, Du Ha underseat storage cases are ideal for holding everything from road flares to rifles. Depending on the make of your truck, DuHa cases may also be offered as a “behind the seat” storage bin.

Husky WeatherBeater Cargo Liners

Husky WeatherBeater Cargo LinersNot to be confused with the undershirts worn by John Coleman at K-Yeeeeewwww-S-I.

Husky Cargo Liners For My Huskies

I guess you’re either a dog person or you’re not. Personally, I love dogs and enjoy having them in my life. I live an active lifestyle and try to bring them along as much as possible. But as much of a dog lover as I am, I still like to keep my house and car clean, which can be difficult with three Huskies running around. I found that cargo liners can help manage the mess.

My family always had dogs while I was growing up, which probably explains my love for the animals. We occasionally tried having cats, but I was never too fond of them; especially my sister’s cat Tobie, who confused my leg for a scratching post. Dogs generally have a positive and happy disposition and just enjoy being included. I started working with United Hope for Animals a year ago and it has been a truly rewarding experience. There is nothing better than watching the dog’s behavior transform as he works towards coming out of his shell and reaching his full potential in a positive environment. Huskies are my latest interest. I have found that they are incredible, intelligent creatures. I have been fostering three of them for quite some time now and although they may look a bit scary, really they are three teddy bears.

I live an active lifestyle and am always taking them to beaches, woods, dog parks, lakes. They can’t get enough of the outdoors. Since they have been getting older, they are growing too big for the car crates that I have for them. I have a Nissan Xterra, so I have been putting them in the rear cargo area for trips, but they are making the carpets dirty. My trunk area is covered in paw prints, hair, and I can’t seem to wash the wet dog odor out of them. I went to Petco to see if they had any puppy transportation solutions or cleaning products. They didn’t carry anything that would get the stains out, but they recommended purchasing some good cargo liners. Cargo liners are mats that fit in the back of your SUV that stop mud, liquid, and muck from destroying your carpets. I ended up getting them and they have made bringing my dogs in the car so much easier. After going to the lake, I can throw the dogs in the back, drive home, pull the liner out, hose it down, and done. It’s as easy as that. I really recommend these cargo liners for pet owners. They are also covered by a lifetime warranty, which is good for dogs who love to chew. They make the clean up so much easier!

I was considering the Weathertech cargo liners, but once I found the Husky cargo liners online, I knew I had to get the Huskies for my Huskies.