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Mythbusters Blows Up a Camry, No One Mourns

Mythbuster’s compares Hollywood explosions to Mafia-style executions.  In the first blast, there are just a few gallons a gasoline and a small amount of explosives to ignite the flammables.  But in the second explosion, they used hundreds of pounds of explosives in the hood, trunk and cabin to turn the well-built import into a few hunks of twisted metal. Loose the Monday blues by enjoying carnage and destruction that only Mythbuster’s can deliver.

Gas Prices Going Up? Improve Your MPG to keep Fuel Costs Down!

It’s good for a laugh, and I’m amazed they were able to use the AAA logo, but the fact is that summer time drives up gas prices. If you are looking to save some cash at the pump, stop planting your lead foot on the pedals. Alternatively, you can check out our gas saving products. If you’re a car owner, a power programmer like the DiabloSport Trinity. These tuners work by optimizing your air-fuel ratio for higher efficiency. This directly translates into more horsepower and torque, but with the right driving techniques, you can also increase your fuel economy by up to 20%!

If you own a pickup, a truck bed cover can help reduce drag and increase MPG’s, not to mention the added security and better styling that comes with a tonneau cover.

US Gas Prices by County


It’s officially summer; time for some fun in the sun, cross country road trips and yes, higher gas prices.  The average cost of fuel has gone up 62% in the last six months, but is still 61% lower than the national average 12 months ago.  Compared to last year, $2.61/gallon is cheap.  Compared to the year 2000, gas is 261% more expensive.


OPEC refuses to increase production until oil hits $75-80 a barrel.   The current price of a barrel runs $66, so they are seeking nearly 20% higher fuel prices before they will consider upping production.  The short of it is that gas prices are going to steadily increase over the summer, but it shouldn’t get as bad as it did last year.  The best thing we can do to stave off higher gas prices is to embrace new technologies and speed our adoption of fuel-effiecient vehicles.  Reduce demand, increase supply; learn more at GasBuddy.com.