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Clever Subaru Ad Surprises, Leaves You with a Springtime Scent

Capitalizing on the outdoorsy nature of the Subaru name, this ad explains how Subaru could be coming to a laundry room near you.  Subaru 1, Mud 0.

Remember Honda’s Musical Road? It’s Back!

Honda's Musical Road - Plays the William Tell Overture - Lone Ranger Theme Song


Although the residents of Lancaster didn’t like having a road that played the Lone Ranger theme song over and over again, it has apparently attracted a lot of attention.  The city has gotten hundreds of phone calls from people who want to come to Lancaster so they can drive over the musically-ribbed road. 

The marketing gimmick that Honda had created has generated so much attention that the town of Lancaster decided to recreate it, spending $35,000 of their budget on it.  “It will be a tourist attraction. It will pull people off the freeway,” Mayor R. Rex Parris said. 

Interestingly enough, the city had even been approached by other companies that were willing to sponsor the project in return for a little publicity.  The town of Lancaster turned them down, however, and recreated the road with their own funding.  This time the musical road is located on Avenue K, an industrial part of Lancaster, far away from residential houses. 

Source: MSNBC

Toyota Yaris Used as a Bobsled

Here’s another funny commercial that Toyota’s marketing team came up with in their list of thing’s the Toyota Yaris can’t do.

Toyota Yaris Tries to Fly off an Aircraft Carrier, Swims with the Fishes

Toyota’s latest line of commericals aims to show that their Yaris can do just about anything, but instead of showing you what it can do, they show you what it can’t do.  In this commercial, the Yaris tries to take off from an aircraft carrier.

AutoAnything presents the William Tell Overture at 55mph…

Unfortunately ill received by the residents in Lancaster California, Honda made etchings in the road so that when a car drives over the 1/4 mile stretch of asphault at 55mph, the Lone Ranger theme song is hummed by your tires.

While I think its a pretty cool idea, the locals did not. Some found it annoying while it kept others up at night. Local officals agreed, the road needed to be re-paved. Good thing we have YouTube, for it gives us the ability to preserve and share this awesome marketing gimmick. Enjoy :)