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The Crotch Rocket…and no, not the Motorcycle Variety

What is the deal with people firing things into their crotch? And why is it always sooo funny?

NSFW language, make sure to turn those speakers down!

Contractor Hoists Car from Parking Spot to Paint “No Parking” Yellow Lines

No Parking Double Yellow Lines

In America, we paint our curbs red or put up “No Parking” signs to indicate where you can and can’t park. Across the pond, Englanders paint double yellow lines close to the curb of a no parking zone.  So if you’re a contractor who has to paint those lines, what do you do if there is a car parked where you have to work?

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Parallel Parking Fail

And we thought this gal was bad

Towing Fail

Illegal Immigrant Fail

How many people do you count running from the van?

Parking Fail, Frustrated Samaritan Win

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fail these days, especially when followed by a solid win.