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How to turn your car into a Christmas-carol-free sanctuary

We found out long ago from the teachings of Lyndsay Buckingham that it’s a long way down Holiday Road. Now that we’ve eaten our way through another Thanksgiving, that route just got a lot more treacherous because every destination along the way is going to be infected with Xmas songs. Dylan croonin’ Little Drummer Boy. Run DMC spitting hot fire about Hollis. Beagles barking out Jingle Bells. O, the horror!

If you’re looking for a little reprieve, don’t turn to your car radio. The airwaves always get overrun with holly-poisoned ditties this time of year.

Dice iPod Car AdapterYour best bet for bah-humbugging these pernicious carols is to drown them out with your own iPod playlists. Luckily, if your stock stereo didn’t come equipped with an auxiliary jack, you can professionally integrate your iPod right at home with a Dice iPod Car Adapter. Unlike those crackly FM transmitters, this kit is custom configured to hardwire right into your stereo for crystal-clear audio. It even keeps your player fully charged while you drive, so you’ve always got plenty of juice to build an impenetrable Ramones barrier between yourself and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas.

It’s either that or turn on NPR.