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You Can’t Start A Fire, You Can’t Start A Fire Without A Spark From These 12 New Accessories

Bruce Springsteen

The 16th is National Boss Day, but I gotta ask: since when does Springsteen deserve his own holiday? Baby, we were born to boycott, and we’re doing it in true AutoAnything style by distracting you from dancing in the dark with this crop of 12 new accessories.

Elite Automotive Camaro Paint-Matched License Plate FramesFeature: These Elite Automotive license plate frames are the only ones that come painted with factory-match colors. Benefit: They’re even vainer than your B1CH1N vanity plates.  Each comes with the true Camaro SS logo.

Elite Automotive Camaro Paint-Matched License Plate Frames

Elite Automotive Corvette Paint-Matched License Plate FramesFeature: Same as the other license plate frames by Elite Automotive, only with Corvette colors.

Elite Automotive Corvette Paint-Matched License Plate Frames

CURT Euro Ball MountFeature: Their one-piece design makes these CURT hitch balls as slender as a goose’s neck. Benefit: They make great cudgels when Bill O’Reilly sics Fox Security on you for buying something European.

CURT Euro Ball Mount

Extang B-Light Tonneau Lighting SystemFeature: These truck bed lights give your payload the lux fiat treatment. Benefit: Along with the cooler of Vitamin Water, harem-esque pillows and bowl of dried apricots, these Extang lights are the finishing touch to your compassionate coyote transport rig.

Extang B-Light Tonneau Lighting System

Putco LED BulbsWith their 360-degree design, installing these LED lights from Putco is like cutting and pasting the sun into your rig’s tail lights, brake lights, turn signal lights—any automotive lights you want.

Putco LED Bulbs

Access Truck Bed LightsAlthough you can’t clap-on-clap-off these Access truck bed lights, they do feature a nifty built-in on/off switch. And, they’re powerful enough to illuminate your entire payload, even if you have a pickup truck tonneau cover installed.

Access Truck Bed Lights

Classic Accessories Snow Thrower CabShields are to the knight in shining armor as these snow blower cabs from Classic Accessories are to the man being forced by his wife to clear snow from the driveway.

Classic Accessories Snow Thrower Cab

Rugged Ridge XHD Reclining Jeep SeatsIf there’s an equivalent to “dad’s chair” in the Jeep seats market, it’s these babies from Rugged Ridge.

Rugged Ridge XHD Reclining Jeep Seats

Rugged Ridge XHD Ultra Jeep SeatIf “Premium” is the best, “Ultra” is even better. And, these Jeep accessories are as “Ultra” as a guitar amp that goes to 11.

Rugged Ridge XHD Ultra Jeep Seat

Rugged Ridge XHD Rubicon Jeep SeatDenial isn’t just a river in Africa, and Rubicon isn’t just a river in Italy—it’s also a line of Rubicon-grade Jeep seats from Rugged Ridge.

Rugged Ridge XHD Ultra Jeep Seat

Rugged Ridge XHD Off-Road Jeep SeatXHD = Extreme Heavy Duty—three words that don’t describe any kind of seat you’d want to plop your butt into. But hey, Jeep people are different.

Rugged Ridge XHD Off-Road Jeep Seat

Rhino Rack Cargo BasketFeature: These roof cargo baskets from Australia’s own Rhino Rack are wrought from aluminum. Benefit: The aluminum is alloyed with PaulHoganium, giving it the power to cull water buffalos and detect whether a sheila is really a bloke.

Rhino-Rack Alloy Tray Cargo Basket

March Madness Auto Accessory Extravaganza: Pet Products, Headlight Bulbs, Vehicle Gun Racks & More!

Bookie Monster

If you’re suffering from a serious bout of March Madness bracket blues, we’re here to help. No, we won’t go talk to your  bookie and beg for an extension—that’s between your knees and Tony’s tire iron. What we will do, though, is distract you from that dime you dropped on Xavier with some new automotive accessories. Dig this:

Classic Accessories Camo Kennel JacketHugh Hefner made the smoking jacket the “it” garment for millionaire smut moguls, and Classic Accessories is making the Camo Kennel Jacket the “it” garment for hundredaire varmint hunters. They come in two styles: one with extra storage pockets and one without the pockets.

Classic Accessories Camo Kennel Jacket

Classic Accessories Camo Rear Seat Protector—Now you don’t have to make that hard ethical choice between protecting your auto’s upholstery or leaving your beloved pooch at the beach because her paws got all sandy. This universal dog seat cover fits the back seat of just about any car, truck or SUV.

Classic Accessories Camo Rear Seat Protector

Classic Accessories Hitch Ball Tote—Sheathe your tri-point hitch ball in the coziest home for a bar and balls.

Classic Accessories Tri-point Hitch Ball Tote

Classic Accessories Winter Windshield Cover—While San Diego is enjoying 70-degree weather, the rest of the states are still getting dusted with heavenly dandruff. Luckily, this windshield cover from Classic Accessories helps keep your front glass ice-free.

Classic Accessories Winter Windshield Cover

Heritage Vehicle Gun Case—Some states believe having your shotguns and rifles within arm’s reach while driving is a good idea, and we’re not going to argue with the armed. Instead, we’ll just suggest that you keep your boom sticks organized with this deluxe gun case from Heritage.

Heritage Vehicle Gun Case

Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Case—Because you can get this back-of-the seat gun rack in camouflage, it’ll be totally invisible to any deer chilling in the backseat of your SUV.

Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Case

Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Rack—Why bother covering them up—this gun rack from Classic Accessories reveals the heat you’re packing and probably cuts down on the number of people willing to honk when you blatantly cut them off.

Classic Accessories Seat Back Gun Rack

Advantage Hitch Extension—Finally, your hitch mount bike rack can clear your spare tire with the added 2.5” to 11” of length from this Advantage SportsRack adjustable hitch extension. Now, you just need to figure out a way to get your name cleared of those charges.

Advantage Hitch Extension

Vision X Superwhite Headlight Bulbs—Meet the Edgar Winter of headlight bulbs. These almost albino-white headlight bulbs from Vision X not only burn almost 30% brighter than stock halogen headlight bulbs, but they’re also backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Vision X Superwhite Headlight Bulbs

Inflatable Pontoon Boats, Float Tubes, & ATV Covers – An AutoAnything Weekly Product Update

I told you we’ve been adding a lot of product!  Not only have we added a bunch of covers for your weekend toys, but we’ve also added some new toys you might want to get your hands on!  Check out our new inflatable boats category, there you can find a Classic Pontoon Boat that fits your needs and budget. We’ve also got a few float tubes in the category too, so if you want to just drift down river or catch some sun on the lake, we can out fit you with some quality floaties that won’t leave you swimmin with the fishes.  There’s also some more ATV gear below, if you want to check out everything we’ve got, head over to the ATV storage bag category where you’ll find everything from bag’s to gun racks.

  • Classic Accessories Arrow Backpacker Pontoon Boat – Those super-secret fishing spots aren’t always easy to get to. With the Arrow Backpacker, you can take your floating power to even the most remote spots. The boat, oars and foot pump all fit into the included backpack and weigh-in at just 41lbs.
  • Classic Accessories Fremont Pontoon Boat – Don’t confine your fishing trips to the shore just because you don’t have room to store a massive boat. The Fremont Pontoon Boat packs everything you need to hit the lake in a 33” x 30” x 9” carrying case that weighs just 46lbs.
  • Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat – If your fishing expedition is more accessorized than the latest teen idol, the Colorado Pontoon Boat has room for it all. Pick it up in the XT style that features a stowable transport wheel for easy launching.
  • Classic Accessories Rogue Pontoon Boat – Don’t let rough waters stop you from landing the big one. The Rogue Pontoon Boat has a Class II river rating and plenty of storage space.
  • Classic Accessories Cimarron Pontoon Boat – If you were an inflatable pontoon boat, would you be flattered if Edna Ferber wrote a novel about you? I bet you would. The Classic Accessories Cimarron Pontoon Boat has you hunting fish like a bass pro—even if you don’t have a bass boat or a truck to tow it with.
  • Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube – Johnny Ringo snarls, “Hey Lungger, think you can inflate the entry-level Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube with your mouth?”

    Doc Holiday replies, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

  • Classic Accessories Bighorn Float Tube – Sometimes fishing from the shore isn’t dangerous enough. So, enter the realm of the fish and become a giant lure yourself with the third-tier Classic Accessories Bighorn Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories Togiak Float Tube – Why spend big bucks on a Cadillac when you get similar features in a Buick? Hook-up with the Buick of float tubes—the Classic Accessories Togiak Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories Kennebec Float Tube – If you like your float tubes like you like your liquor—go for the top-shelf Classic Accessories Kennebec Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Handlebar Bag – Classic Accessories ATV Handlebar Bags turn empty space into an endless storage possibility. Stuff their giant zippered pockets with everything you need: clothes, keys, GPS equipment and more. Includes clear map pocket that flips back for easy reading.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Fender Bag – Equip your ATV with the extra storage space you need. Classic Accessories ATV Fender Bags keep maps, cell phones, clothes and keys in protective zippered pockets. Choose yours in Camo or Black. Available in Regular or Cargo style for ample room.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Tank Bag – Available in Camo or Black, the Classic Accessories ATV Tank Bag lets you haul extra gear on your daily 4-wheeling expedition.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Bag – Put a little junk in your trunk with Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Bags. These bags grant the extra storage space you need for a long day’s ride. Choose between the regular rack bag or the ATV Rear Rack Bag with a removable cooler. Camo or Black.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Storage Cover – When you’re done thrashing your quad around the dunes, the paint’ll be hotter than the dickens. Protect your ATV’s finish by covering it up with a handy-dandy storage cover.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Seat Cover – If you’ve logged hours on your quad, you’ll probably have worn a few holes in yer seat. Cover’em up and make your ATV look sorta-new with an ATV seat cover.
  • Stearns StormPro Boat Cover – Ride the storm out with REO Speedwagon—or—ride it out with the top-of-the-line Stearns StormPro Boat Cover by Classic Accessories. You choose.
  • Stearns SilverMAX Boat Cover – Stem to stern, there’s not a seaworthy boat cover for less, Matey. Cover your craft with the super-economical SilverMAX Boat Cover by Classic Accessories
  • Stearns Hurricane Boat Cover – If you were a boat cover, would you be flattered if Bob Dylan wrote a song about you? I bet you would. The mid-range Hurricane Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Stearns StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover – Seek shelter from the storm—and a second Bob Dylan reference—with the top-o-the-heap Stearns StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Stearns Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover – Veil your valuable vessel with the mid-grade, all-weather Stearns’ Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Classic Accessories Snowmobile Storage Cover – Keep your winter toys in top condition over the summer months with this smooth and durable cover.
  • Classic Accessories Snowmobile Travel Cover – Hitting the roads can be hard on your gear. The Classic Accessories Snowmobile Travel Cover is packed with features that make travel easy while keeping everything protected.
  • Classic Accessories Jet Ski Cover – When you’re done chasing wakes at the delta, cover your water pony with a Classic Accessories Jet Ski Cover. It fits snug, protects against UV rays and comes in 2 high-quality styles. Plus, it’s easy to put on, even with that seventeenth Coors Light in hand.
  • Curt Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Wiring Harness – Light up the back of your heavy-duty trailer with the handy Curt Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Wiring Harness. Specifically made to fit into your factory plug and available in 7ft and 10ft lengths.
  • AEM ECU Extension Harness – Never splice into your factory ECU harness again with the AEM ECU extension harness. It’s worth the extra bucks to save yourself from a wireing nightmare, and if you still have a warranty, this thing is a no brainer!
  • B&G S2K Sport Suspension Kit – Reduce pitch and roll while maintaining control at high speeds. B&G Sport Suspension Kits use F1 technical principles to deliver the ride of your life. All components are ISO and TUV Certified. Gas-charged twin tube design. Lifetime Warranty.
  • B&G S2 Sport Springs – Transform your ride into a low-profile performance demon with B&G Suspension S2 Sport Springs. These custom springs have the ability to slam your vehicle .5” to 2.5” for a sleek look and racecar-inspired handling. Lifetime Warranty.
  • B&G RS2 Coilover Shocks – Get professional ride performance with B&G Suspension RS2 Coilover Shocks. These shocks improve handling with 18 levels of eternal dampening control to satisfy your performance needs. Lowers up to 3.5” depending on your vehicle. Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you’re on land, sand or sea, we’ve got the goods to get you and your gear to the hot spots in style.  Pics are below the jump,  check’em out and get loaded up today, give us a shout out if you have any questions.

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