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Dreaming of the 2010 Dodge Charger

2010 Dodge Charger - Front End

Have you been looking for spy photos of the upcoming 2010 Dodge Charger? I found a couple of artist renders and they look terrific.  They looked so good that I kept hunting for new information about the ’10.  It looks like Dodge wants to go back to a 2-door “Coke-bottle” side view with integrated front headlights, but separate rear tail lights. Word on the net is that they want to equip the new model with different types of engines, the usual suspects apply; 3.0 Phoenix V6 for export, 3.6 Phoenix V6 280hp, 5.7 Hemi MDS 340hp and the 6.4 Hemi SRT 440hp. The 2010 Charger should be less boxy to help reduce road noise and improve gas mileage. The all-around performance should improve as well, with more horsepower expected from the revised V6 and Hemi engines.

The new Charger will probably run with an 8-speed automatic transmission, although the current five-speed should still be available. The next generation interior with new comfort features like an entertainment system and better driver amenities, it appears that the 2010 Charger will really make a statement!

I will keep you posted if something new is coming across my way. If you currently own an R/T and want to make your own statement, check out our great collection of Dodge parts and Dodge Charger parts.  As always, if anyone has some insider tips, we’re all ears.  :)