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10 more days to the 25th, 1 new wrap-able accessory

Prior to Thanksgiving, Chicken Little economists were flapping their gums and predicting a limp holiday shopping season—a Willy Loman Xmas where the façade of American prosperity would finally crumble under the bloat of our Visa statements and unpaid medical bills. Well, one look at the long lines at the malls is proof that shoppers are shopping with nog-soaked gusto in spite of the warnings.

But if you hate to stand in those long lines (think of the germs!), you can score all your gifts without even putting on a pair of pants. At AutoAnything, our motto is: No shirt, no shoes, no problem. And we added a new potential present up onto the site last night. Take a look:

RKSport Ram Air Hoods

RKSport Ram Air Hoods

The discerning motorist’s choice for making a bitchin’ Camaro more bitchin’.