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10 Minutes of Pure Rally Crashes

I don’t think there’s a better way to kill 10 minutes on a Friday afternoon…


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VIDEO: Ken Block’s STi on SnowCat Tracks!!

We’ve seen this before, but only during a brief 15-second clip taken with a cell phone, which really isn’t much to go on.  But now the day has come where Ken Block shows the world his top secret project.  You could say that Ken Block has built the worlds biggest sled, or maybe even that it’s the boldest application of Subaru’s legendary AWD system.  If it were me, I’d call it the ultimate ski lift.


Keyboard Cat Plays Hall & Oates Like a Rockstar

Because we all need a little humor in our lives…

Backwards Painted Truck Will Scare the Crap Out of You

Backwards Painted Truck

Ferrari 458 Italia Rocks Our Socks… and then some.

Ferrari 458 Italia Engine

Ferrari is the company that seems to be always teasing.  They tease those who can’t afford their cars, and they tease those who can.  Watch and listen as a pair of 458’s scream around the track at break-neck speeds.

Cars: 1, Eight-Foot Inflatable Beach Ball: 0

Somebody’s been watching their back catalog of Top Gear episodes. Unless you want to have a whole lot of dangerous, reckless fun, do NOT try this at home.

The idea probably originated from…

Want to see two cops fighting?

Talk about clever advertising…

Haven’t you always wanted a Truck with 2,700 Horsepower?

Turbo Jet Powered Ford F150
So did Chris Lentz. He’s actually wanted one for several decades, but his dream finally came true when he found a Czechoslovakian Motorlet M-701 turbo jet for sale. $10K later and a whole lot of JB Weld, the turbo jet was secured to the bed of his 2005 F150 STX. Despite the huge levels of power, this truck is still kinda slow; 0-60 in 8.5 seconds, finishing the quarter mile in 16.3 @ 103 MPH. Faster than a stock F150, yes. Slower than a stock Honda Civic SI, yes. But it’s not the lack of power, its all the extra weight. With the jet mounted to the truck bed, the curb weight of the F150 is a touch over 6,600 lbs! This must be the fastest truck in that weight class, and the coolest truck in any class. Video after the jump:
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Parallel Parking Fail

And we thought this gal was bad

The Long Lost Art of Trike Drifting

You know that sweet trike you had when you were around 4 years old. It was your first set of wheels and I’m sure that you, like me, would often stop pedaling and let the plastic wheels skid over the concrete in what only can be described as an awesome drift.  Well a trio of enterprising dudes decided that trikes were still cool and drifting them could be even cooler.

Watch and marvel and their excellent drift skills as they brake-lock the inside wheel to go round corners Tokyo Drift style.

Towing Fail

1000 HP Drag Racing Cool Bus Ignites Sparklers, Pops Wheelies, and Makes for Spectacular Crashes

You might not have heard of Ken Nelson before, but you’ll definitely remember his name after seeing his 1/4-mile demolishing Cool Bus hit the drag strip. To induce the wheelie madness, he custom built a blown big block Chevy engine tuned to deliver 1,000 ponies to the rear wheels. The sparklers add another 500 horsepower, which makes this one-of-a-kind school bus scoot down the drag strip with the force of a freight train. This is Ken’s fifth Cool Bus, and although he is a pro at handling the speed, that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. Here’s a video of Ken displaying the Cool Bus’s abilities.

And here’s a video of what happens if you don’t respect the Cool Bus…
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Roller Skating Ninja’s vs. the MicroCar

Here’s your daily dose of ninja action. It looks like this video was shot in the early 70’s, does anybody know what movie this is from? With an action scene like this, it’s definitely worthy of my Netflix queue. Extra points if you can name the manufacturer of the Microcar that the ninja’s are chasing.

Parking Fail, Frustrated Samaritan Win

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fail these days, especially when followed by a solid win.