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A place for every tool, and every tool in its place

How many times have you needed a tool but couldn’t find it? It always seems to happen when you’re elbow deep in an engine tear down and need that 7/16 open-ended spanner. Or when you’re snaked around to the backside of your toilet and need that pipe wrench. Or when your hand is trapped in a toaster and you just need something with some leverage to liberator your fingers.

Well, we added a couple of eye-catching toolboxes onto the site last night. They’ve got plenty of room to keep all your gear neat and organized. On top of that, we added some new air filters and spoilers. Check it:

Lime Box Rolling Tool Cabinet

Lime Box Rolling Tool Box

Just in case pink isn't your hue, maybe a lime tool box will do.

Lime Box Bench Top Tool Boxes

Lime Box Bench Top Tool Boxes

Because according to Cala Industries, it's lime time.

Pink Box Rolling Tool Cabinet – 6 Drawer

Pink Box 6 Drawer Cabinet

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 6 drawers of storage and a Pink Box rolling tool cabinet.

Takeda Air Intake Filters

Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters

Replace those feelings of inadequacy with a Takeda performance air filter.

RK Sport Spoilers

RKSport Spoilers

Every RKSport Spoiler includes a handwritten index card with the message “Bruce is a ghost.”

New Tonneau Covers, Air Intakes & Air Filters on the Way

Christmas Shopping Tag

Just a heads up to the holiday shoppers out there, we’ve got a slick new tonneau cover on the way from BAK.  It’s another BAKflip folding model, similar to the G2 and the HD.  More details to follow.

We’ve also teamed up with a new company specializing in air filters and air intakes.  Featuring state of the art construction and space age materials, these new intake parts are going to make a big splash when they land on our site. Keep an eye out for the new product release coming later this week!

Top 5 Performance Products – AutoAnything Weekly Product Review

We’ve been keeping you up to date about all the new products we’ve been adding, but we thought it would be a good idea to list out the top five performance products that will give you the most bang-for-your-buck.  Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or your just doing some holiday shopping, these five products will be sure to put a smile on someones face.

Air Intake Systems

There are many different types of air intakes available, anything from air filters to throttle body spacers to forced-induction kits.  The most common type of air intake is the cold air intake, which intakes air from outside the engine bay to feed into the air-fuel mixture.  The colder air is more dense, which results in more combustibility and power.  The Volant cold air intake is the perfect combination of form and function, adding up to 18 horsepower and 40 ft-lbs of torque while always looking good under the hood.

Exhaust Systems

Putting exhaust on your vehicle not only improves performance, but it gives you enough presence on the road so that everyone will know you’re not rocking a stock vehicle.  Magnaflow exhaust systems are some of the most popular exhaust kits in the world.  Highly engineered for improved flow dynamics, mandrel bent for superior fitment and manufactured from quality steel, every Magnaflow exhaust will plaster a grin on your face for years to come.

Performance Chips

Another great way to improve horsepower and torque is with a performance chip.  Every power programmer works by tuning your factory ECU to adjust the air/fuel ration into a more combustible mixture.  On turbo engines, these tuners can even increase boost levels, resulting in even greater performance gains.  A common side effect of power programmers is an improvement in fuel economy.  This is due to the engine making more power, which means you need to use less gas to accelerate and maintain speed.

The Superchips Cortex is a popular power programmer that offers three levels of tuning so you can choose the level of performance you want.  The Superchips Cortex programmer also lets you calibrate your speedometer to reflect  gear changes and bigger tire sizes.  Installs in minutes, but you’ll notice the benefits after just a few seconds.

Truck Air Filters

Trucks have big engines, which means they need a lot of air.  Using a standard paper filter can constrict your engine by not letting it breathe.  A performance air filter improves your engines air intake, giving you more horsepower and torque for when you need it most.  K & N sets the bar for high performance air filters because of their superior filtration, dyno-proven horsepower gains and their 1,000,000 mile warranty.

Floor Mats

You may be asking yourself, “What makes a floor mat a performance part?”  Well when you’re working on your vehicle installing new auto parts or changing your oil, you’ll need a floor mat that can stand up to what is on the bottom of your shoes.  High performance all-weather floor mats will save your carpets from dust, dirt, grease, grime, mud and snow.  Husky Liners is a very popular choice due to their rugged construction and lifetime warranty.  Husky floor liners are custom-molded from a unique blend of rubbers to make them ultra-tough.  The tall rim around the perimeter of the floor liner ensures that no liquid will find its way into you auto’s carpet.

What Car will Give You the Best MPG’s?

Check out this video.  It will give you comparisions of the real world fuel consumption of todays most fuel efficient vehicles: the Toyota Prius, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, the Ford Focus, and the Smart FourTwo.

Want to improve the fuel economy of your current vehicle, take a look at a few gas saving products like performance chips, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, performance car air filters,

News + Weekly Product Review: aFe Air Filters

I know, I know, we missed last weeks product review, but things have been moving and shaking here so I’ll give you the scoop on what we’ve been up to: we now have a Truck Racks and Van Racks department!  In this new area of our site, you’ll find all the gear you need to add more hauling capacity to your truck or van.  We’ve got new ladder racks in stock that are easy to install and can help secure your work gear in style.  You can also check out the new hauler racks, which gives you extra overhead storage for bulky items that can weigh up to 1,200 pounds!  And to save that back window from getting smashed by shifting equipment, we beefed up our selection of headache racks to give your truck the protection it deserves.

For the weekly product review, I wanted to let ya’ll know about the new high flow aFe filters we just got in stock.  It’s called the aFe Pro-Dry S air filter; it’s washable, reusable, and oil free.  That is a trifecta of benefits as you’ll never have to buy another air filter again and you don’t have to get your hands oily when recharging the filter.  aFe Pro Dry air filters have a 99.2% filtration effieciency, so you know it’s doing its job to protect your engine.  Backed by a lifetime warranty, this air filter will be the last one you ever buy for your vehicle.

Demystifying The Myths Of Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes are one of the most popular modifications for car enthusiasts. But how effective are cold air intake really? I personally prefer regular or short ram air intakes over cold air intakes.

I recently put of few thousand miles on my car driving across the country. So I went over to the local Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. The mechanic tried sell me a new air filter, but I chose to hold off. They weren’t giving me a great deal, so I figured I would at least check out a few performance air filters if I was going to be spending the money anyway. I started doing some research and discovered that there are two types of aftermarket intakes that people like: either short rams or cold air intakes. The two names pretty much are self explanatory. The short ram intake has a shorter pipe. The cold air intake has a longer pipe that allows the intake to breathe in cooler air because it is further from the engine. Sounds logical enough, but then I my inquisitive mind got the best of me. I’m a little unclear about the abilities of cold air intakes. If you have ever popped your hood after a long drive, you know that everything under the hood is scorching hot. Would it really matter if the intake head was a foot further from the engine? Moving the intake is like putting a pan in the oven; it is going to be hot no matter where it is because it is in a confined area with limited air flow. Secondly, cold air intakes have longer pipes, which mean that air has to travel a longer distance to reach the engine. I’m not a car expert, but I do know the general principle behind turbo engines and increasing horsepower. Horsepower is derived from an equation where the major factors are the amount of air flow to the engine and the density of that air. If a cold air intake is longer and is bent in order to reach a different part of the engine bay, then it will take air longer to reach the engine. Also, the bends in the cold air’s pipe prohibits maximum air flow; a short straight pipe would be ideal. Now even though the short ram intake is breathing warmer air because of its location, it will simply start sucking in cooler air as your car accelerates. Sure, it may not give you as much horsepower when you are at a stop sign, but then again, who cares? The weather should also be taken into account. If you live in Florida and it’s 94 degrees out, it doesn’t matter where your intake is; you’re not going to be getting cold air. And even if you are in premium driving conditions, how much cooler would the air be that is a foot away? Would you really miss or even be able to feel if you had 1 Hp less? I could see if you are Vin Diesel in the Fast and the Furious, racing for pink slips, then you might want to get the most out of your car. But until that day, I think regular air filters and short ram air filters are the better choice because they are cheaper.

AEM intake

Also, upgrading to an aftermarket AEM Cold Air Intake or a short ram Air Intake can add a throaty growl to your car’s sound. Both types of intakes have their pros and cons, so you should evaluate your priorities when shopping for one.