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95MPG Civic Gets Great Fuel Economy, Scares Children

Mike Turner's 95MPG Civic - 3/4 View

It’s got a face that only a mother could love, but boy does it get good range on a full tank of gas. The secret to this Civic’s green house success is in it’s aerodynamics. You may remember from a few years ago, Infinity advertised their G35 as having a .28 co-efficient of drag, the lowest of any sports car in it’s class. The current Toyota Prius has a coefficient of drag measuring .25, which undoubtedly helps it achieve 48 miles per gallon on the freeway. So other than it’s wedge nose and space-age wheel covers, what does this funky beast have in the way of drag? A measly .17 CD. Continue reading

Mission Unpossible: The 422-million-mile journey for dirt

296 days after launch, the Phoneix spacecraft has successfully landed on Mars. The purpose of the mission is to gather dirt samples to testing. The hope is that we will find ice, salt, or other evidence that life on Mars can or could exist. The outlook is good as new pictures that were taken on Saturday suggest that the lunar spacecraft may have actually landed on an ice table. We should know more as soon as the scientists start remotely operating the unmanned spaceships back-hoe arm. It’s a good thing this mission is unmanned because life on Mars doesn’t exist for good reason… the weather report for Mars suggests you can expect it to be sunny with a high chance of dust storms, temperatures ranging from the low -120 degrees Fahrenheit to a max of -20 degrees. For all the sci-fi fans and dirt lovers out there, make sure to check out the photo gallery below!