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5 Love Songs Best Played on Your Car Stereo

Love On The Road

Loving your woman and driving your car aren’t that different. You get excited turning her on in the morning. You love lavishing her with glimmering trinkets. And you pay dearly if you skimp on the servicing.

Because driving and loving are inextricably linked, it makes sense that certain love songs have more power and meaning played through your car stereo. The next time you’re nurturing a crush or nursing a bruised heart, you can commiserate with this list of five tracks best played when you’re behind the wheel. Continue reading

Top 5 Rainy Day Driving Songs (Plus a Bonus Track)

Rainy Windshield

Here in our hometown of San Diego, we’re known for our biotech industry, our well-trained orca, and our dense military population. We’re not exactly a city with a reputation for rain. However, the skies sometimes like to open up and shower off our sandy streets and dusty mall rooftops. Invariably, even a light celestial tinkle leads to snarled traffic. On the bright side, those long delays give us the opportunity to get reacquainted with the soggier songs in our iPods. Here’s a quick list of 5 of our favorite rainy day driving songs, plus a special bonus track. Continue reading

5 Songs for Slow Driving

Windy Road

Come here, baby. We’re going to turn the lights down low, spark up a stick of Nag Champa and slow things down a bit. Maybe you’d like to slip into something a little more comfortable? Go ahead, baby. Kick off that workaday world pantsuit and shimmy into that velvet number you’ve been saving for a special occasion. That’s right, mama—nighttime is the right time for letting it all hang out.

No, we’re not trying to seduce your old lady—we’re simply setting the mood before discussing 5 of our all-time favorite slow driving songs. Feeling mellow? Maybe a tad lugubrious? Good. You’re ready to read on. Continue reading