Sasquatch Sighted at 2010 SEMA Show

Even though the 2010 SEMA show was held in Las Vegas – a good thousand miles away from his traditional stomping ground in the Pacific Northwest – sasquatch made an impromptu appearance at the custom car concourse. At least, that’s what I thought when I caught sight of the Bigfoot Express, a trick ’32 Ford custom built in honor of the real Bigfoot.

Forget about the farting yeti from those beef jerky commercials. This serious street rod is no joke. Commissioned by Wally Hersom, patron and member of The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), the Bigfoot Express captures the essence of the cryptozoological creature based on rigorously gathered scientific data, not the traditional Hollywood portrayals. Instead of bumps in the roof like the station wagon from Harry and the Hendersons, the rod is loaded with custom-sculpted Bigfoot hands gripping the headlights, Bigfoot feet creeping out the rear fenders, murals of Bigfoot traipsing through the forest on the doors and trunk, and a Bigfoot portrait, complete with illuminated eyes, right behind the engine.

Speaking of engines, this cryptid car is packing a blown V8 to match the kind of muscle sasquatches are figured to posses. And, the valve covers and interior are accented with footsteps, tying the entire great ape motif together.

You can thank JKR Customs for building the Bigfoot Express. This family-owned custom car-building and engine-building shop poured five months of blood, sweat and passion into their one-of-a-kind street machine. Check out an interview about the build with Rob Green, patriarch of JKR Customs, in the video below:

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