AutoAnything Goes All Anti-Viral With New Commercial

AutoAnything Commercial

Yes, yes. Renegade gorilla marketers love to spout off about the power of viral media. But what has it gotten us? A lot of lame, quasi-handheld video clips of  people pulling off superhuman feats and bozos creating Diet Coke geysers. Hey, OK Go: if you made music that wasn’t so pedestrian, you wouldn’t have to hole up in warehouses constructing elaborate Rube Goldberg devices to get attention. Holden Caulfield wouldn’t buy into this phoniness, and we live by his example.

Here’s the thing about viral/virus/flu media: if your product or service isn’t interesting or valuable, you have to manufacture interest and value by talking about something other than your product or service (e.g. OK Go’s music—listen to it without watching the video, and you’ll understand the subterfuge). But, if you’ve got something smoking hot, you just gotta dish it up without the contrived gimmicks. And AutoAnything is like molten-Velveeta-scorching-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot.

Thus, our new commercial: simple, direct, satisfying—the media equivalent of a dry-aged New York strip steak cooked rare with a baked potato and two-fingers of scotch, neat. Check it out:

We have a grip of other videos, too, at our official AutoAnything YouTube page. Swing on by and see what’s cooking.

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