Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Superchips Tuners (But Were Afraid To Ask)


Some questions are best left unasked. Should I have waited 30 minutes after eating before jumping into that pond? Should I have imported a Croatian bride sight unseen? Should I have seen the doctor before it turned green?

Other questions, though, are best left asked. Is this half and half expired? Is that hitchhiker twitching too much to pick up? What’s the difference between the different Superchips programmers? Today, we’ll answer one of those questions. Since dairy and dudes on the side of the road with their thumbs drawn are beyond our expertise, we’ll stick with what we know: Superchips.

There are three performance chip options in Superchips’ lineup: the Flashpaq Tuner, Cortex Programmer and Racing Diesel Tuner. Here’s the lowdown on what they do and how they differ:

Superchips FlashpaqSuperchips Flashpaq Tuner: The Gateway Tuner

Addiction has to start somewhere. One hit off the Superchips Flashpaq Tuner is all it takes to turn you into a performance junkie. You’ll be craving the sweet rush of horsepower coursing through your ride’s veins and the gauzy euphoria of torque at the rear wheels. Caution: you may experience some minor shakes if you’re away from your auto too long.

The Superchips Flashpaq is the most popular performance chip in the Superchip stable, and for good reason. Not only does it give your ride’s power a healthy kick in the pants, but it does it for a surprisingly low price—the lowest price of any Superchips tuner. Though inexpensive, it’s loaded with top-shelf features like internet updates; transmission tuning; Check Engine code reading and clearing; recalibration for non-stock tires and gear ratios; and different tunes for low and high octane gas. Plus, it lets you tap into your on-board computer to tinker around with key settings, including:

  • Shift points
  • Speed limiter
  • Rev limiter
  • Fan

Flashpaq Tuners are available for a wide range of cars, trucks and SUVs—gas and diesel engines, too.

Superchips CortexSuperchips Cortex Programmer: The Harder Stuff

If the Flashpaq is more of a recreational tuner, then the Superchips Cortex is for the serious performance users. Although it works much the same as the Superchips Flashpaq tuner, it’s got a meaner bite. If fact, it’s the strongest over-the-counter (street legal) Superchips tuner in town. Some diesel rigs can get upwards of 154 extra ponies and 318 ft-lbs of axle-twisting torque—smack!

Along with the extra power, the Cortex also gives you more features than the Flashpaq. It’s equipped with an MSDP link interface, logs your performance data (quarter-mile times!), and even comes with an impressive 2-year powertrain warranty.

Superchips Racing Diesel TunerSuperchips Racing Diesel Tuner: The Intravenous Torque Drip

Want to test the limits of what a truck can do on black tar (asphalt)? It’s time to mainline your powerplant with the Superchips Racing Diesel Tuner. This potent power programmer is so strong it’s actually not street legal. Only off-road racers pulling sleds at monster truck rallies on sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY can run this lethal Superchips programmer. However, if your rig is a true racer, then you’ll come home with more trophies than you have mantle space to house ’em.

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