Swedish Plugs: Thule Atlantis Cargo Carriers Edition

Thule Atlantis Cargo BoxNo one’s going to fault you for ditching out on a trip to some pretentious martini bar downtown if you give them the old Morrissey excuse, “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.” Trying to worm your way out of a road trip because you haven’t got a cargo carrier to pack away your junk isn’t going to fly, my friend. Like it or not, you can make room for hauling your stuff by equipping your roof with a cargo carrier. When you’re ready to bite the bullet and engage in some road-tripping with your boys or your brood, you can’t go wrong with a Thule Atlantis roof cargo box. 

Believe it or not, the Swedes are pretty capable at designing and building deluxe roof cargo boxes. Their fish dishes leave a little something to be desired, but they’ve got cargo-carrying down. And there’s no company as Swedish as Thule—they’re more Swede then Seymour Levov (rhymes with the love), so you know their roof cargo carriers are going to be tops. Case in point: the Thule Atlantis. Let’s dig into the details and figure out what makes this cargo carrier tick.

First and foremost, the Atlantis is jam packed with premium features fit for Swedish royalty, including their current king, Carl, who may or may not be related to Larry David. You can open it up from either side, and the reinforced lid closes with authority, letting you know that yes, it’s definitely closed. Plus, the opening latch is almost comically large, so you won’t have to fumble to get to your gear…even if you’re wearing ski gloves or baking mittens. Inside, it’s equipped with a Quick-Grip mounting system for fast fastening to your roof rack, and it comes with locks to keep cutpurses out of your cargo.

Dual Side Opening

Plus, the Thule Atlantis comes in a wide range of sizes and styles to handle any load you need loaded. The two largest models are the Thule 688XT (silver finish) and the Thule 688BXT (black finish), which can carry up 21 cubic feet of cargo. Moving down from there is the Thule 687XT (silver finish), which has 18 cubic feet of storage space. The even smaller Thule 686XT (silver finish) and Thule 686BXT (black finish) give you 16 cubic feet of storage space, and the smallest Thule 685XT (silver finish) delivers a modest 12 cubic feet of space.

Black Thule Atlantis

No matter which Thule Atlantis you get, you’ll now have no excuse for backing out on weekend getaways just so you can replay Final Fantasy VII for the VIIth time.


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