Four Unfortunate Car Mods

Barbed Wire Tattoo

The urge to augment is universal—it’s what drove our cavemen ancestors to paint their bodies and what continues to drive broheims to get barbed wire Celtic knots inked around their biceps. Although the urge is universal, good taste is rare. Need proof? Check out this quartet of unfortunate car mods.



Had the fat siphoned out of well-to-do thighs not been used to sculpt this corpulent car, Tyler Durden could have made a thousand bars of soap from it.

+10 Vitality Van

Vitality Van

This is what happens when Square Enix waits three years to put out a new installment of Final Fantasy.

Whale Tail

Whale Tail

A Porsche already shows you’re compensating for something, but the double-decker spoiler leaves no question about what you’re compensating for.



His dark secret: those reflectors are all trophies from the bicyclists who’ve been kissed by his bejeweled bumper.

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