The 5 Best Foods to Eat in Your Car


Driving and dinning go together like wrestling and armpit shaving. In fact, if I extrapolate the data gathered from an unscientific poll of three of my coworkers, then it appears that the majority of Americans spend almost as much time eating meals behind the wheel than they do square dancing (I work with grandparents). Although eating while driving is a common activity, there are certain foods that seem perfectly engineered for consumption in cars. Here’s a basic list of five of the best foods to munch while motoring.

#5 Bologna and Cheese Sandwiches

Bologna Sandwich

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of everyone bopping bologna for being a kid’s deli meat. Not only is it delicious, but it’s one of the most manageable meats to mouth when you’re blasting down the interstate at 80. Here’s a hint: leave the lettuce, sliced onions and Grey Poupon at home. On-the-go bologna should be stripped down to the bare essentials: two slices of meat, one slice of yellow cheese and a light layer of butter on your Wonder Bread.

#4 Bing Cherries

Bing Cherries

One of the best parts of a proper road trip is stopping off at roadside fruit stands and stocking up on nature’s Jolly Ranchers: Bing cherries. Deliciousness aside, Bings are the easiest fruit to eat and drive because they’re small enough to pop in your mouth individually, so you don’t have to contend with juices dribbling down your forearm. Plus, when you spit the seeds out the window, you’re helping sow future generations of Bing cherries like famed horticulturalist and exotic dancer, Cherries Jubilee.

#3 New York Style Pizza

New York Style Pizza

At first glance, you might not think that eating a slice while you’re driving is such a smart move. True, if you tried to finagle a slice of floppy Papa John’s or Round Table ‘za, you’d likely end up with a lap full of molten mozzarella. But that’s not real pizza. A proper slice of NY pizza is thin, crispy and foldable, and it isn’t loaded down with a half pound of ground pork. Just give it a fold, and you’re ready to roll.

#2 Donuts


Cops can teach us so much, like how to plant evidence and how to stave off hypoglycemia by always having a cruller close at hand. While you may not agree with framing folks, you can’t deny the savory power of a mixed dozen riding shotgun. Like deep-fried sugar grenades blasting away in your belly, donuts not only make you more alert, but they also give you a better grip on your steering wheel (thanks, glaze).

#1 Burgers


There’s only one food that inspired the invention of both drive-in and drive-thru restaurants: the burger. Everything about burgers makes them ideal for in-car consumption. All the messy bits are safely contained inside a barrier of bread, you can easily grip it with one hand, and the paper wrapper catches most ketchup raindrops before they drizzle down the front of your shirt.

Have your own list of favorite road grub? Let us know what you’re eating in the comments down below.


One response to “The 5 Best Foods to Eat in Your Car

  1. That burger pic is gnarly

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