ICONIC AC Roadster: The Rebirth Of A Rebel

ICONIC AC Roadster

The 1960s marked the apex for both British rock ‘n roll and British sports cars. The Kinks and the Beatles were tearing up the charts, and Jaguar E-Type roadsters and Aston Martin DB5s were shredding olde England’s highways. But, the undisputed king of the road was none other than the AC Cobra, a 2-seat roadster with sleek lines and a potent bite. Although the Cobra only lasted 6 short production years, it’s been resurrected by an upstart coachbuilder, ICONIC Motors, and due to reclaim its crown in August.

Forget about kit cars and knockoffs—the ICONIC AC Roadster is the real deal. They’ve licensed the name from AC Motors and are keeping the body style similar to the classic. But, the technology in this 2-seater is hardly twentieth century. The chassis is constructed from a bonded blend of Chromalloy steel and carbon fiber for racecar rigidity that’s still smooth enough to keep your back from breaking on bumps. Under the hood of the ICONIC AC Roadster lies a ferocious 6.9L aluminum V8 block capable of spewing out 800HP and more than 660 ft-lbs of torque. It even sports a motorized gas gap that tucks in like a sunroof!

ICONIC AC Roadster Aerial

Of course, a ride this cush doesn’t come cheap. Reports indicate that only 100 ICONIC AC Roadsters will be built, and they’ll carry a sticker price of around $350,000. If that seems pretty steep, consider this: a classic AC Cobra at auction could cost you a cool million. 

ICONIC AC Roadster Interior

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