5 Love Songs Best Played on Your Car Stereo

Love On The Road

Loving your woman and driving your car aren’t that different. You get excited turning her on in the morning. You love lavishing her with glimmering trinkets. And you pay dearly if you skimp on the servicing.

Because driving and loving are inextricably linked, it makes sense that certain love songs have more power and meaning played through your car stereo. The next time you’re nurturing a crush or nursing a bruised heart, you can commiserate with this list of five tracks best played when you’re behind the wheel.

Cat Stevens: Here Comes My Baby

True, it’s an unrequited love song, but I double-dog-dare you to find a more effervescent song about not getting the girl you want. This is the ideal track to pop in when you’re fed up that your “best friend” has yet to break up with her jerk boyfriend and still thinks of you like a brother. Because Stewart is totally wrong for her and you’re totally right, put this track on and drive-it-out.

Black Lips: Dirty Hands

Not all love songs have to be serious. Case in point: this anti-love-song love song. Reminiscent of early Velvet Underground guitar work blended with drunken Beach Boys harmonizing, this track recounts the budding romance between two burnouts. It’s best played when you’re freshly smitten and feeling silly enough to get a dolphin tattooed on your bellybutton to impress your love interest.

The Jackson 5: I Want You Back

If I were moving to a remote research lab in Antarctica and could only bring one 60-minute mix tape, I’d probably add I Want You Back twice. Not only does it have one of the best bass lines of any pop song, it’s probably the best vocal track MJ ever laid down. Plus, he was only 11-years old, and the only lost love he could have experienced at that age was from his father, Joe “Who left the towel in the swimming pool” Jackson. The best time to pop this song into your cassette deck is anytime you’ve made a boneheaded relationship blunder.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: This Love Is F@&king Right

Is there anything better than forbidden love? Sure, sneaking around with someone who’s in a relationship isn’t going to earn you any Boy Scout patches, but no girl was ever swept off her feet by a guy with a patch-laden sash. Blast this song the morning after when you’re driving home feeling a little bit of guilt and a lot of excitement. It was <expletive deleted> right.

Jawbreaker: Accident Prone

Face it: relationships don’t always end gracefully. Harsh words get spoken. Hearts get guillotined. Someone gets blindsided. Jawbreaker’s front man Blake Scharzenbach certainly has scars, and he rips open his wounds and bleeds an unsentimental ode to The End in this legendary track. The best time to play this one is when you’re not driving on a windy mountain road with no guard rails.

Have your own favorite driving love songs (happy or otherwise)? List it out in the comments.


One response to “5 Love Songs Best Played on Your Car Stereo

  1. I whole-heartedly agree. If you don’t have a bike to ride and headphones to plug in during a moonlit ride, there’s no better way to listen to those hearbreaking/empowering love songs than cranked up in your car. Rounding out my list of faves is:

    Blue Eyes by Elton John: Not only am I a sucker for eyes the hue of blue, but I also wonder if, by having to write the song for a she rather than a he, it bothered Elton very much to be so untrue to his real self?

    Ambulance by Blur: an awsome new wavey song about the imperfections of the self and of love

    Hanging On the Telephone: I love that someone as cool as Blondie can have obsessive boy issues

    Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello: Maybe it’s weird, but I think stories about obsessive love are kind of really romantic

    Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan: it’s the super-combo of a false falsetto and big brass beds that pull at my heart strings

    Mellow Moods by Bob Marley: I’m a sucker for someone who’ll “play my favorite song”

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