Scion Pulls New 2011 Scion iQ Out Of Their Pocket At New York Auto Show


The 2011 New York Auto Show is in full swing, and Scion is using the platform to unveil their latest model: the 2011 Scion iQ. First of all, we’d like to say how disappointed we are that Scion did not name it the Scion fU—it would deftly match the attitude with which Scions are driven. Nevertheless, the Scion iQ moniker is pretty smart (no pun intended), and it aptly reflects the design of this zippy micro-subcompact.

Now, if you’re not familiar with micro-subcompacts, all you need to know is that they’re small. Damn small. So small that you’d need to hitch up a U-haul trailer if you ever needed to pack more than 3 sacks of groceries into the thing. And, the Scion iQ certainly measures up (down?) to the micro-subcompact stature. Its overall length is a scant 120.1″ (that’s just 30.025 hands, equestrians), but he innovative 3+1 seating gives you room to squeeze 4 adults inside.

In spite of its smashed-together size, the Scion iQ is surprisingly loaded with features. It has an electronic power steering system, 10 SRS airbags including a rear-window curtain airbag, a 6-speaker audio system, dual USB and auxiliary input ports, and steering wheel-mounted stereo controls. Plus, it’s packing a 1.3L 4-cylinder engine pumping out 90 ponies from under its incredibly stubby snout.

In our opinion, the Scion iQ would be a boss ride if you live in a major urban center (San Francisco, NYC, Paris), but it’d look ridiculously out-of-place in wide-open rural necks of the woods. But, we’re anxiously awaiting the inevitable Scion iQ hooning videos that’ll be pouring out of Kentucky.

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