Uncovered: Classic Mini Commercial Featuring Twiggy

Twiggy Mini

Were I given access to a time-travelling hot tub, it’d set the dial to take me back to 1960’s London. No question about it. Not only was the love free, but British rock ‘n roll was cranked up to 11 by the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Troggs, Herman’s Hermits, Donovan, Manfred Mann, The Who and countless more seminal bands. The ‘60s were also a golden age in British car building. During this decade, limey coach builders came out with two of the coolest cars of all times: the Jaguar E-Type roadster and the Mini.

While the E-Type may have been the sports car of choice for England’s upper-most crust, the Mini was the proles’ ride of choice. Affordable, distinctive, sporty, roomy, relatively reliable (by British car standards)—those early ‘60s Minis had all the makings of a classic. Four decades later, they remain one of the most recognizable rides around.

That’s why I was so excited to run across this classic Mini Cooper commercial. Not only does it feature the iconic heroin-chic supermodel Twiggy (who used to model for Mini), but it looks back at the Mini’s ‘60s roots with fond nostalgia. Check it out:

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