Test Your Car Knowledge & Waste Time at Work

Auto Hide 'n Seek Wallpaper

Like most worker bees, we don’t spend all of our time in the office hive busting our tailbones. Some goofing-off time is mandatory to stay sane and quiet those voices in your head that keep trying to convince you to just drop a deuce coupe in the boss’s desk drawer and move to Costa Rica.

But, you can’t be blatant about your time-theft at work. Kicking off your shoes, pointing your browser to Hulu.com and watching The Daily Show with a bowl of popcorn just won’t fly. You’ve got to have a little more tact than that.

In an effort to give workers everywhere a stealthy way to waste endless hours of time at work, AutoAnything has developed a cool brain teaser: the Auto Hide ‘n Seek Wallpaper. The image has 50 automobile make-models hidden in plain sight. Your job is to decipher the images and figure out what vehicle they represent. For example, that field hockey player is the Buick Lacrosse.

Sound easy enough? Well, it’s a lot more challenging than you might think. But that’s good because the harder it is, the more time you can waste on it at work.

Worried you might get caught? Don’t. Here are the steps we’d recommend taking to get away with this time banditry:

  1. Set the image as your desktop’s wallpaper.
  2. Open up a Word or Excel document and add some tables, paragraphs and data so that it looks like legitimate work. This will be your faux document.
  3. Stare at your desktop and record your findings in your faux document.
  4. If you have 2 monitors, be sure to keep the faux document up on one of the screens at all times. If you only have 1 monitor, you’ll have to keep switching between the desktop and the document; or, instead of Maximizing your faux document, keep it only partially open so that you can still see the desktop in the background.

If you don’t happen to have any dummy text for your faux document, use this (your boss won’t know the difference):

Through a top-down, proactive approach we can remain customer focused and goal-directed, innovate and be an inside-out organization which facilitates sticky web-readiness transforming turnkey eyeballs to brand 24/365 paradigms with benchmark turnkey channels implementing viral e-services and dot-com.

Action-items while we take that action item off-line and raise a red flag and remember touch base as you think about the red tape outside of the box and seize B2B e-tailers and re-envisioneer innovative partnerships that evolve dot-com initiatives delivering synergistic earballs to incentivize B2B2C deliverables that leverage magnetic solutions to synergize clicks-and-mortar earballs while facilitating one-to-one.

Happy hunting!


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