The 3 Best Mardi Gras-Inspired Factory Paintjobs

Mardi Gras

Grab a fistful of beads, your finest Rex costume and as much malt beverage as you can pour into your trombone because it’s Mardi Gras, I guarantee. Now, Fat Tuesday has lots of time-honored traditions (the eating of King Cake on Basin St, the vomiting of King Cake on Bourbon St), including draping everything that can be draped in the traditional Mardi Gras colors: green, purple and gold. To salute this day of devotion to deviance, we’re highlighting the 3 best Mardi Gras inspired factory paintjobs.

1) Plymouth’s Sassy Grass Green

Sassy Grass Green Cuda

One gander at this wild green paintjob is all it takes to remind you that everything was better back in the ‘70s. Engines were bigger. Body lines were bolder. Moustaches were hairier. This crazy color (aka Green Go when sprayed on Dodge rides) also embodies the spirit of the Gras: it’s loud, it’s free and it doesn’t mind signing a release form from that shifty-look dude with the Handycam.

2) Plymouth’s Prowler Purple Metallic

Purple Prowler

You know, for a company that can’t seem to keep its balance sheet balanced, Chrysler sure knows how to mix up a mean factory paintjob and slap it onto a mean automobile. Case in point: the Prowler with the eponymous Prowler Purple Metallic finish. Although the Prowler itself looks a little like a de-clawed crawdad simmering in a pot of gumbo, its powerful purple paintjob has inspired more than 1 eager reveller to toss all his doubloons its way.

3) DeLorean’s 24k Gold DMC-12

Gold DeLorean

Holy James Carville! No factory finish is as Cajun as the 24k gold-plated DeLorean. Only 2 of these beauties were ever purchased, making them about as rare as the elusive Mardi Gras Coconut.

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