2010 Retromobile Car Show: Europe’s Classic Rides on Display in Paris


Ah, Paris. Nous aimons (we love) your succulent cheeses, your delicate wines, your quiet days in Clichy. Every inch of the city oozes history, and the aroma of literature, painting and revolution wafts through the air like steam from a stovetop BonJour espresso machine. The city of lights is the perfect locale for the 2010 Retromobile Car Show, which is running from Janvier (January) 22nd through the 31st.

Never had a chance to go to a Retromobile Car Show? It’s arguably one of Europe’s best classic car shows, showcasing the automotive crème de la crème. This year, Retromobile is honoring both Peugeot’s bicentennial and urban transportation.

Of course, there’s more going on at Retromobile than merely milling around old Benzos and Alfas. Bonhams, a British-owned auction house, hosted a large sale on Saturday, January 23. The car that garnered the most attention was a 1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia, which had been salvaged from the depths of Lake Maggiore in Switzerland. This rusted hunk fetched a whopping $370,000 (€263,840)!

1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia

You can check out the official Retromobile site for more info. However, the site is all in French, so you’ll have to dust off your old Berlitz textbook from college. We took the liberty of translating a small section of a tribute to urban transportation. Enjoy:

Cet homme, qui n’était pas à cours d’idées, créa donc un établissement de « bains et douches » et, pour fidéliser sa clientèle, organisa un service de transport par calèche qui prenait en charge les clients dans les principales places de la ville. Très vite, notre meunier s’aperçut que les Nantais profitaient du transport sans être clients de l’établissement de bains publics!

This man, who was not with course of ideas, thus created an establishment of “baths and showers” and, for fidéliser its customers, organized a service of transport per barouche which dealt with the customers in the principal places of the city. Very quickly, our miller realized that the Nantes ones benefitted from transport without being customers of the establishment of public baths!

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