2010 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars

Chrysler Crumbling

Stealing a page from Conan O’Brien’s playbook, automakers used the 2010 Detroit Auto Show to showcase futuristic concept cars—cars inspired by *sung in a high falsetto voice* the year two-thousand…the year two-thousand.

Now, every self-respecting car show has its fair share of concept cars on display. However, the Detroit Auto Show tends to be the forum where manufacturers bring out the big guns. Here’s a quick run down of the crème de la concept crème:

Cadillac XTS PlatinumCadillac XTS Platinum

This boss luxury sedan is the Cadillac of plug-in hybrids. Although there’s just a 3.6L V6 under the hood and it’s a combination gas-powered + battery-driven drivetrain, that powerplant packs a mean 350 horsepower and 295 ft-lbs of torque. Plus, the body sports strikingly similar chiseled lines as the current Cadillac CTS, which may soon be replaced as the flagship by this XTS.

Mini Beachcomber

Mini Beachcomber

Like a full-size, modern-day Manx, the Mini Beachcomber is arguably one of the coolest-looking dune buggies. Not only has the roof been scalped clean off, but the doors were jettisoned as well. All together, it’s the kind of dune surfer than would definitely turn a lot of heads out at Algodones. Too bad it’ll never blast over a single burm in its sheltered life.


GMC GraniteGMC Granite

If you tried to astral-project into the distant future to a time of post-apocalyptic lawlessness where governments have been replaced by corporations, the security forces of those corporations would definitely drive vehicles that look just like the GMC Granite. The snub nose, beefy grille and imposing wheels give it the eerie appearance of a paddy wagon for data-thieves and thought criminals.


Audi e-tronAudi e-tron

Looks like Audi has some e-envy. This all-electric coupe isn’t powered by 1 electric motor—it has 2 electric motors silently humming away under the hood. What are you trying to compensate for, Audi? We wouldn’t think less of you if you had just 1 smaller, less girthy electric engine. But, hey. 2 is cool. It does produce 204 horsepower and an unheard-of 1,954 ft-lbs of torque (yes, 1,954). They did get the “tron” part of the name right because I image it would leave a trail of light in its wake.

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