Top 5 Punk Songs About Cars

Punk Rock Gymnastics

Dust off your leather jacket with the Subhumans banner pinned to the back, sharpen the spikes in your Mohawk with raw eggs, and puke all over your parents’ door mat—it’s time to bring punk rock back from the dead by listing out the top 5 punk songs about cars!

Okay, hold on a second, literal readers out there. We’re not technically bringing punk back from the dead. That was a figure of speech. What we are doing is something more like digging up punk rock’s corpse and poking at it with a stick. It’s still a tribute, though. So sit back, crack open a Blatz and take an anarchic trip down memory lane.

5) Teengenerate: My GTO

Think Tokyo’s music scene is limited to bad karaoke and Elvis tribute bands? Think again. Teengenerate rocked onto the scene back in ’93, and they’ve been busting the ear drums of salarymen and girls in Sailor Moon costumes ever since. This track in particular, “My GTO,” explodes with as much raw energy as an actual ’70 Judge.

4) Pink Lincolns: My Car is Gonna Kill Me

Hailing from the swampy badlands of Tampa, FL, the Pink Lincolns oi-oi-oied there way into the punk scene back in ’86. Like most proper punk bands, their songs focus on corporate greed, social injustice, and getting drunk on Tuesday afternoons. In their song “My Car Is Gonna Kill Me,” they also touch on another perennial punk rock theme: hoopties.

3) Jawbreaker: Sea Foam Green

Not all punk rock wants to spit in your face and punch you in the solar plexus. Jawbreaker, a Bay Area-based band from the late ‘80s, dished up screaming introspection and impassioned soul searching. This track in particular, “Sea Foam Green,” is all about a love-sick guy driving around in his ’63 Plymouth Valliant reminiscing about an infatuation so strong he needs a guillotine to get her off his mind. And, it’ll rock your smelly socks clean off.

2) The Dead Milkmen: Bitchin’ Camaro

No compilation of punk songs about cars is complete without The Dead Milkmen’s “Bitchin’ Camaro.” Sure, you might disagree with their mockery of dudes who drive Camaros. You might very well be one of those dudes in a Camaro dreaming about running over your neighbors and doing donuts on their lawns while blasting Tony Orlando and Dawn. But you can’t deny the sheer catchiness of this song.

1) The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop

Not only did The Ramones change the face of punk in the United States, but they also made sniffing glue a respectable past time. Gabba gabba hey to that! Of course, these elder statesmen of the CBGB music scene didn’t just write songs about horror movies and eating chicken vindaloo. They also wrote one of the quintessential hitting-the-road tracks, “Blitzkrieg Bop,” which was forever immortalized in the 1983 classic “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”

Got a problem with my list? Pissed that I missed some uber obscure track from some uber obscure Icelandic punk trio? Use the comments section to air your grievances and suggest other punk rock songs about cars.

Image courtesy of havocrex.


One response to “Top 5 Punk Songs About Cars

  1. Adolfo/joe/paco

    The black n white picture showing the guy diving from the speaker, was it taken at the Bad Brains show at the Cuban Club in Tampa Fl?

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