Top 5 Winter-Driving Songs

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we can all get down to focusing on just how lousy the weather is. All around the United States, snow storms have been running wilder than a liquored up San Diego State sophomore in Tijuana. And where there’s a snow storm, there’s traffic—the two go together like a bottle of tequila and a whistle.

Now, there’s not a lot to like about traffic. The only advantage of being stuck in your car is that you can reconnect with your playlists. Some music (Beach Boys, say) ought to be avoided in the dead of winter, but some tracks are appropriate for the season. Here’s a quick list of tune’s I’d listen to on a wintry drive:

Arcade Fire: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Here’s the premise of the song: a snow storm has swallowed up a town, so young lovers tunnel through the snow to meet each other and to create their own little community away from everyone else. They let their hair grow long, have some name-less kids, and occasionally think about what ever happened to their parents. Aside from the wintry lyrics, the opening piano line sounds like an icicle xylophone—perfect on icy days.

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam: The Wind

With gloomy weather comes deep introspection. When you’re falling into a first-month existential crisis, The Wind makes for the ideal soul-searching soundtrack. Just remember to glance at the road from time to time while you’re staring at yourself in the rear view mirror.

Nirvana: School

The start of the new year ushers in the return to classes for grade-schoolers and college kids alike. The only trouble, though, is that nasty storms mean everyone has to stay cooped up indoors, staring out the frosted windows dreaming of a proper recess outside. Just your luck, eh?

The Smiths: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

First off, this song is infinitely listenable in any driving, walking, biking, sleeping or jazzercizing situation. However, it’s especially appropriate in winter time because the likelihood of a double-decker bus losing control and crashing into you is far greater when the roads are slick. And if you’re a true Smiths fan, you’d find that a heavenly way to die.

The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreaming

Why do so many people migrate to Southern California? For starters, it’s nearly 72° all year round, and most of our Pilates studios also sell crystals and smudging sage, so you can really kill two birds with one stone. This song captures the longing to be out of the cold and into the warm bosom of Los Angeles. If you’re already here, listen to it and count your blessings. If you’re not, listen and long.


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