Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Nothing thaws a wintry freeze like hot ‘70s car movies

Cold snaps are springing up all over the United States and Europe like mushrooms in a hippy’s grow box. Just as the eastern seaboard began thawing out, snow storms started to drop their wintry white stuff all over the midwest and Colorado. Over in Brussels, thousands of travelers found themselves trapped when Eurostar train services were halted by the snow. It’s bedlam out there!

Luckily, the weather here is San Diego is still in the mid-60s, dipping into the 50s when the sun goes down. Although it seems brisk to us, it’s hardly blizzard conditions.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we want to share the gift of warmth to everyone. No, we’re not flying you out to San Diego. And no, we’re not sending you tins of sterno. We’re showcasing a movie trailer for one of the 1970s’ shtik-iest car flicks: Corvette Summer. Haven’t seen it? Here’s a quick synopsis. An often shirtless Mark Hamill builds a hideous custom Stingray in his high school shop class, but the ‘Vette is stolen, so Mark teams up with a lovable Las Vegas “hooker-in-training” (Anne Potts) on a summer-long adventure to recover the car. Though it won’t stimulate your intellect, it certainly stokes the flames of nostalgia. Take a look: