Daily Archives: November 25, 2009

Saab, born from jets, crashes and burns

Swedish meatballs will surely be served at Saab's funeral

Holy Swedish meatballs, Bätman. The word on the street is that GM’s Sweden-rooted marque, Saab, is on the verge of being sent to the proverbial scrap yard. Even though the Man of Steel was able to survive the scrap yard in Superman III, Saab doesn’t have the advantage of being born on Krypton—they’re just from Trollhättan.

According to the AP, the struggling auto maker was being courted by Koenigsegg Automotive AB, yet another Swedish auto builder. However, Koenigsegg backed out of the deal, leaving Saab floundering like a herring out of water.

Before Koenigsegg came a courtin’, GM had planned to put Saab out to pasture. Now that Koenigsegg put the engagement ring back into its pocket, GM may finally have to pull the plug on Saab. I guess this means that Kurt Vonnegut’s criticisms of Swedish engineering have finally been vindicated.