Bugatti Reveals the C16 Galibier

Bugatti Galibier C16

They’ve been teasing us for months now; it all started with dark images of the tail lights and other vehicle accents.  Then an image was leaked out after a private unveiling of the new 4-door saloon. Now Bugatti has released an official video with narration so good, it rivals the Lord of the Rings…

Here’s what we know so far:

  • 8-liter W-16 engine (same as the Bugatti Veyron)
  • The engine is now front-mounted and can be run on Ethanol
  • Insane hood with twin-fin mechanisms to display the engine
  • Estimated top speed of 217 MPH
  • Carbon fiber body work that shines blue when under direct light

We’ll keep our ear the ground, check back later for more details!

2 responses to “Bugatti Reveals the C16 Galibier

  1. es uno de los mejores coches ke e visto pero me fascina es alucinante pero alguien me puede decir el precio?
    gracias att:bathord

    Edit for Google Translate: “This is one of the best cars I’ve seen, it’s is awesome but can someone tell me the price?
    gracias att: bathord”

    • Hi Manuel,

      Details are limited at the moment and the official price has not yet been released. The base price of a Bugatti Veyron is $1,800,000. The C16 shares the same engine, but it’s a 4-door saloon with a number of luxury options and an extensive amount of carbon fiber body work. If I had to speculate, I would imagine that the Galibier is going to be in ballpark of $2-2.5 million dollars. Once the official price is released, I’ll make another post, so check back later!


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