Epic E1pc Eletric Bike Ready for TTXGP Competition

Motoczysz E1pc Electric Motorcycle

There have been a few electric motorcycle concepts that were produced over the last few years and one of them was produced into a production unit, although sales haven’t met the expected level of demand.  But the timing was tough for these companies as times have gotten tough for a lot of people.  Never the less, electric motorcycles a offer specific advantages over their fossil-fueled equivalents, namely torque-on-demand,  zero emissions and the complete lack of excruciatingly-hot exhaust pipes. It’s was only a matter of time until electric-bikes made their way into professional racing competitions.  Hit the jump to learn more about these ultra-fast machines and the future of Zero Emissions racing.

The Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) is the world’s first zero emissions grand prix and is sanctioned by the FIM.  The first race is scheduled on June 12th, 2009. The race is happening on the Isle of Man Mountain course, which is the oldest motorcycle race track still in use today. It’s a long and twisty course spanning 37.7 miles, featuring more than 200 corners and a peak elevation of 1,384 feet. There are going to be some major contenders to compete with.  Hot in the news is the entry of the E1pc from MotoCzysz.  10 hot-swappable battery packs power this crotch-rocket and an iPhone is used for the onboard gauge display.  On the dyno, this eco-friendly 2 wheeler ran up to 120mph in just 11 seconds.

Considering it’s an electric bike, it’s pretty incredible that it sounds as good as it does. MotoCzysz has also released it’s first video of the bike on the track. Nothing too extreme, but you can see that this bike can move fast and handle well at speed.

One response to “Epic E1pc Eletric Bike Ready for TTXGP Competition

  1. aww man ive been waiting for the arrival of this bike… unfortunately i dont know anything about this bikes production bike or even if its an american bike or not?

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