The Best Racing Video of All Time: Ken Block’s Gymkhana 2

Ken Block Gymkhana 2 - Subaru STi

It was just a short 8 months ago when Ken Blocks Gymkhana video hit the net and it was one of the wildest drift videos ever produced.  Utilizing a Crawford-prepped 530WHP Subaru STi, he danced through his Gymkhana practice course with the precision of Sebastien Loeb and finished by doing donuts around a brave soul riding a Segway.

Fast forward to today; Ken Block is now sporting a new STi that boasts 566 horsepower and a gazillion ft-lbs of torque. This is the best produced racing video I’ve ever seen (save for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb) bringing you long drifts, stupid-awesome stunts and lots of fire. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the many sensations brought to you by the burning of rubber.

3 responses to “The Best Racing Video of All Time: Ken Block’s Gymkhana 2

  1. I agree. Amazing video, but you don’t think rendezvous fans will take offense to the superlative?

    (IMO, Ken Block is the man, and yes – Gymkhana is the best driving vid ever)

    • Cool video, it reminds me of the old Getaway in Stockholm vids. Rendezvous’s drawback is that the video was shot on the street which wasn’t closed off from pedestrians. Not only is that dangerous, but the driver can’t get as aggressive because of curbs, cars and people.

      Since Gymkhana is closed off, Block could get sideways for a couple hundred feet and do it safely, not to mention the multiple camera angle that show off the drivers ability. That’s why I thought titling it the Best Racing Video was appropriate; safety + production quality = Awesome. Thanks for the link though, that’s the first time I’ve seen Rendezvous. :)

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