Contractor Hoists Car from Parking Spot to Paint “No Parking” Yellow Lines

No Parking Double Yellow Lines

In America, we paint our curbs red or put up “No Parking” signs to indicate where you can and can’t park. Across the pond, Englanders paint double yellow lines close to the curb of a no parking zone.  So if you’re a contractor who has to paint those lines, what do you do if there is a car parked where you have to work?

Why you lift it up with a crane truck, duh!  The ever-so-ethical contractor just wanted to get his job done, so after the yellow lines had dried, he placed the car back exactly where he found it.  Nice huh? Except that it got towed & impounded by the city for being parked in a no parking zone over Christmas break.  Perhaps the most amazing thing of all; one of the cities parking enforcement agents took the photos above and below.  Even though the agent saw this entire fiasco happen, the car was still ticketed and towed!  This furthers my belief that parking cops are soul-less creatures.


The good news; Ruther Drucker, the owner, had her member of Parliament get involved and was able to get her car out of the impound lot with the £2400 fee waived.  Good work Ruth, way to not let the man walk all over you!

From Refreshing News via Jalopnik

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