Illegal Immigrant Fail

How many people do you count running from the van?

One response to “Illegal Immigrant Fail

  1. These are the same people who would hit and run, or witness a crime and not even report it or get invovled. Leaving you laying in the road dying or someone who’s just became legal would die as well as a long time ciziten.

    Most people who do anything on the illegal side, will not assist some in need being the fact. They hate there rotten police corruption in there countries, so they think our police are the same. So they just hate police as well, the very people who’ll if they were legal and paid there taxes would be there to help them, being the victim 1 day and the suspect another day. We call are at that mercy. 1 day your the victim, and the next your the criminal. From Stealing from your family or friends, or crossing the boader your not suppose to.. Were does it stop, when your at church confessing away your crimes. No, gods not an idiot. Live your life the Right way, be honest, and hard working and humble. And fill out the paper work, in what ever langauge you need it in. Most travelers learn the language of the country there visiting, and exspecially if you intend to live there. Did you see the Driving skills of that person, that’s how they drive in there country. With out any respect for others and mans simple laws. I bet there don’t abide by the lords laws. They say, if you break Gods Simple laws, why trust them to uphold mans laws..


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