Hennessey Gets Gozilla Drunk Off it’s Own Power, Run’s High 10’s

Hennessey GTR700 - Nissan GT-R
The Hennessey tuning shop is known for making Big power come out of monstrous engines.  From their 1,000+ horsepower twin-turbo Dodge Vipers to their track-demolishing Corvettes, John knows his muscle cars.  But that’s why his work on the GT-R is special; it’s not the traditional naturally-aspirated V8 muscle that’s capable of producing gobs of torque and astronomical amounts of horsepower.  Rather, the GT-R is a highly tuned and balanced V6 that makes lots of horsepower per liter, making it super quick around the track.  But like what many tuners in this world have asked; what would happen if we gave Godzilla even more power?

John Hennessey was happy to answer that question with his GTR700; boasting bigger compressor wheels, a 100mm cold air intake, high flow fuel injectors, a new stainless steel exhaust system, some ECU tuning and a few other tidbits, Hennessey was able to eek out 715 horsepower and 662 ft-lbs of torque.  That’s enough Go Fast to make the GT-R pull 1G of lateral acceleration with the launch control off! 60MPH now comes in just 2.9 seconds, 100MPH at 6.7 and 150 at 14.5 seconds.  That’s scary fast!  Here’s a couple videos of the GTR700 doing a 0-186 MPH run and a 1/4-mile run, take a gander at the beast in all it’s glory.

7 responses to “Hennessey Gets Gozilla Drunk Off it’s Own Power, Run’s High 10’s

  1. wow!!! Just awesome

  2. It’s a rocket!!!

  3. After this post, I went to youtube… alot of more videos like this. Very impressive car.

  4. That’s an Amazing ride!

  5. I want it… someone please…

  6. wow, nice videos!

  7. Very impressive videos. This car seems to be the ride!

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