2010 Chevy Camaro Options Leaked, Spec out your Next Muscle Car

2010 Chevy Camaro

Someone out there got their mitts on the official 2010 Chevy Camaro Ordering Guide. This is 40 pages of pure Muscle Car Madness! You can build your dream machine or a budget booster, your choice. Given the current economic condition, I think I’d be happy saving some money on the base model 300 Horsepower V6 and then customize it with the standard American muscle mods; intake, chip and exhaust. With those kinds of mods, you should be able to squeeze out another 50-60 horses, making your baseline Camaro produce about 20% more power.  Mmm, mmm good….

Make your decision today by checking out the ordering guide on Scribd.com.

4 responses to “2010 Chevy Camaro Options Leaked, Spec out your Next Muscle Car

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  2. would love to have all the pics and details of dis car, would love to make one of these..
    Allen Pereira.

  3. the crapmaro sucks. the viper is faster and the challenger i have seen it with my ownen eyes …i had a crpmaro i thot it wood be cool but its slow i was disaponted in it i think GM is blowing every one off with this pice of crap..i lost to a challenger it is not faster so if GM reads this it sucks i wood like GM to read this it sucks so f**king bad…

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