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Wallpaper of the Week: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S - Front View in White

Tesla Model S - Front View in White

Tesla’s Roadster had a lot of hype in 2008.  It was the hot, eco-friendly roadster that could do 0-60 in four seconds while reportedly getting 120 MPG.  While the car is still hot-off-the-presses, Tesla’s been burning the midnight oil, working on the Model S.  It’s a five seven seater sports-saloon that can do 0-60 in five seconds while still having a 300 mile range before needing a recharge. It looks like their work has paid off; I think it’s got the edge on the Porsche Panamera’s styling, while keeping up with it in all it’s performance specs.

So here’s some new wallpapers for your work week, enjoy!

Phantom Alert Lets You Avoid Speed Traps

It looks like some pretty smart guys have put together a Point-of-Interest alert system that lets you know when you’re approaching a photo-red-light camera or speed trap.  The system harnesses the power of it’s users, which could be both its strength or its Achilles heel.  It works by users updating a Google Maps based system with information about the speed trap/camera; location, intersection and the speed limit for the road are all recorded by Phantom Alert.  You can then sync your GPS device with Phantom Alert’s database to have up-to-date information about the speed traps around you.  When you are approaching a speed trap or camera, your GPS device will beep to alert you of the impending ticket, hopefully saving you from insurance rate hikes and costly tickets.  The only downside is that this is a subscription service, but the cost is $40/year or you can make a $99 Lifetime Purchase, so the price seems pretty reasonable if it saves you from one or more tickets.  Hit the jump to check out the video!

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Inflatable Pontoon Boats, Float Tubes, & ATV Covers – An AutoAnything Weekly Product Update

I told you we’ve been adding a lot of product!  Not only have we added a bunch of covers for your weekend toys, but we’ve also added some new toys you might want to get your hands on!  Check out our new inflatable boats category, there you can find a Classic Pontoon Boat that fits your needs and budget. We’ve also got a few float tubes in the category too, so if you want to just drift down river or catch some sun on the lake, we can out fit you with some quality floaties that won’t leave you swimmin with the fishes.  There’s also some more ATV gear below, if you want to check out everything we’ve got, head over to the ATV storage bag category where you’ll find everything from bag’s to gun racks.

  • Classic Accessories Arrow Backpacker Pontoon Boat – Those super-secret fishing spots aren’t always easy to get to. With the Arrow Backpacker, you can take your floating power to even the most remote spots. The boat, oars and foot pump all fit into the included backpack and weigh-in at just 41lbs.
  • Classic Accessories Fremont Pontoon Boat – Don’t confine your fishing trips to the shore just because you don’t have room to store a massive boat. The Fremont Pontoon Boat packs everything you need to hit the lake in a 33” x 30” x 9” carrying case that weighs just 46lbs.
  • Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat – If your fishing expedition is more accessorized than the latest teen idol, the Colorado Pontoon Boat has room for it all. Pick it up in the XT style that features a stowable transport wheel for easy launching.
  • Classic Accessories Rogue Pontoon Boat – Don’t let rough waters stop you from landing the big one. The Rogue Pontoon Boat has a Class II river rating and plenty of storage space.
  • Classic Accessories Cimarron Pontoon Boat – If you were an inflatable pontoon boat, would you be flattered if Edna Ferber wrote a novel about you? I bet you would. The Classic Accessories Cimarron Pontoon Boat has you hunting fish like a bass pro—even if you don’t have a bass boat or a truck to tow it with.
  • Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube – Johnny Ringo snarls, “Hey Lungger, think you can inflate the entry-level Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube with your mouth?”

    Doc Holiday replies, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

  • Classic Accessories Bighorn Float Tube – Sometimes fishing from the shore isn’t dangerous enough. So, enter the realm of the fish and become a giant lure yourself with the third-tier Classic Accessories Bighorn Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories Togiak Float Tube – Why spend big bucks on a Cadillac when you get similar features in a Buick? Hook-up with the Buick of float tubes—the Classic Accessories Togiak Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories Kennebec Float Tube – If you like your float tubes like you like your liquor—go for the top-shelf Classic Accessories Kennebec Float Tube.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Handlebar Bag – Classic Accessories ATV Handlebar Bags turn empty space into an endless storage possibility. Stuff their giant zippered pockets with everything you need: clothes, keys, GPS equipment and more. Includes clear map pocket that flips back for easy reading.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Fender Bag – Equip your ATV with the extra storage space you need. Classic Accessories ATV Fender Bags keep maps, cell phones, clothes and keys in protective zippered pockets. Choose yours in Camo or Black. Available in Regular or Cargo style for ample room.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Tank Bag – Available in Camo or Black, the Classic Accessories ATV Tank Bag lets you haul extra gear on your daily 4-wheeling expedition.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Bag – Put a little junk in your trunk with Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Bags. These bags grant the extra storage space you need for a long day’s ride. Choose between the regular rack bag or the ATV Rear Rack Bag with a removable cooler. Camo or Black.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Storage Cover – When you’re done thrashing your quad around the dunes, the paint’ll be hotter than the dickens. Protect your ATV’s finish by covering it up with a handy-dandy storage cover.
  • Classic Accessories ATV Seat Cover – If you’ve logged hours on your quad, you’ll probably have worn a few holes in yer seat. Cover’em up and make your ATV look sorta-new with an ATV seat cover.
  • Stearns StormPro Boat Cover – Ride the storm out with REO Speedwagon—or—ride it out with the top-of-the-line Stearns StormPro Boat Cover by Classic Accessories. You choose.
  • Stearns SilverMAX Boat Cover – Stem to stern, there’s not a seaworthy boat cover for less, Matey. Cover your craft with the super-economical SilverMAX Boat Cover by Classic Accessories
  • Stearns Hurricane Boat Cover – If you were a boat cover, would you be flattered if Bob Dylan wrote a song about you? I bet you would. The mid-range Hurricane Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Stearns StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover – Seek shelter from the storm—and a second Bob Dylan reference—with the top-o-the-heap Stearns StormPro Pontoon Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Stearns Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover – Veil your valuable vessel with the mid-grade, all-weather Stearns’ Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover by Classic Accessories.
  • Classic Accessories Snowmobile Storage Cover – Keep your winter toys in top condition over the summer months with this smooth and durable cover.
  • Classic Accessories Snowmobile Travel Cover – Hitting the roads can be hard on your gear. The Classic Accessories Snowmobile Travel Cover is packed with features that make travel easy while keeping everything protected.
  • Classic Accessories Jet Ski Cover – When you’re done chasing wakes at the delta, cover your water pony with a Classic Accessories Jet Ski Cover. It fits snug, protects against UV rays and comes in 2 high-quality styles. Plus, it’s easy to put on, even with that seventeenth Coors Light in hand.
  • Curt Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Wiring Harness – Light up the back of your heavy-duty trailer with the handy Curt Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Wiring Harness. Specifically made to fit into your factory plug and available in 7ft and 10ft lengths.
  • AEM ECU Extension Harness – Never splice into your factory ECU harness again with the AEM ECU extension harness. It’s worth the extra bucks to save yourself from a wireing nightmare, and if you still have a warranty, this thing is a no brainer!
  • B&G S2K Sport Suspension Kit – Reduce pitch and roll while maintaining control at high speeds. B&G Sport Suspension Kits use F1 technical principles to deliver the ride of your life. All components are ISO and TUV Certified. Gas-charged twin tube design. Lifetime Warranty.
  • B&G S2 Sport Springs – Transform your ride into a low-profile performance demon with B&G Suspension S2 Sport Springs. These custom springs have the ability to slam your vehicle .5” to 2.5” for a sleek look and racecar-inspired handling. Lifetime Warranty.
  • B&G RS2 Coilover Shocks – Get professional ride performance with B&G Suspension RS2 Coilover Shocks. These shocks improve handling with 18 levels of eternal dampening control to satisfy your performance needs. Lowers up to 3.5” depending on your vehicle. Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you’re on land, sand or sea, we’ve got the goods to get you and your gear to the hot spots in style.  Pics are below the jump,  check’em out and get loaded up today, give us a shout out if you have any questions.

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Honda Insight Ad: Let it Shine


Honda’s marketing department is up to snuff. They first wowed us with their Honda Accord Rube Goldberg commercial, where every part that makes up a Honda Accord was used in a mechanical fashion to debut the Accord, and they then won our hearts with their musical road, which played the Lone Ranger theme song for cars cruising at 55mph.  Now they have created the worlds largest Lite-Bite using hundreds of their Honda Insights, sung to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine”.  A very cool concept that will probably never be aired in the US, so your best bet is to catch it after the jump.

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Car Covers, RV Covers, Motorcycle Covers and ATV Gear – An AutoAnything Weekly Product Update

With summer getting closer by the minute, we thought it’d be a good idea to provide you with some options to deck out your power toys. So we took a close look at what was available, made a few new friends and added a TON of new products. Strap on your new product shoes and take a walk with us through the new toy store.  Most of the following products can be found in the brand-new ATV, Boat & RV Accessories department; there you’ll be able to find boat covers, trailer covers, RV covers and RV accessories.

Stay tuned, this is just the first round of new products for today. Check back later this afternoon for the skinny on the rest of the stuff we’ve been adding (hint: some of them are inflatable and sorta-seaworthy!)

Hit the jump for the pics, 56K beware!

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Roller Skating Ninja’s vs. the MicroCar

Here’s your daily dose of ninja action. It looks like this video was shot in the early 70’s, does anybody know what movie this is from? With an action scene like this, it’s definitely worthy of my Netflix queue. Extra points if you can name the manufacturer of the Microcar that the ninja’s are chasing.

Parking Fail, Frustrated Samaritan Win

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fail these days, especially when followed by a solid win.

Worlds Cheapest Car Up for Sale

Tata Nano - The Cheapest Car in the World

There’s no question that people are trying to save money where they can. Some are bringing their lunch to work, others are carpooling and even more are trying to work from home. But if you must go into work and you happen to live in India, you can still do it while driving a hot new car that just rolled off the assembly line.  Well…this car might be more closely related to a Power Wheels than anything we are used to seeing on the road, but if it gets you from point A to point B, who’s gonna argue with the $2,000 price tag.

The Tata Nano was officially announced in January at a Tata press conference. Tata has been building hype about this car for over a year, touting it as “the people’s car”. Tata’s goal is to bring personal transportation to the masses, and they might achieve that goal with the incredibly cheap price tag.  So what do you get for you’re two grand? How about no power windows, power steering, power seats, air conditioning, air bag, radio, passenger side mirror, only one wiper blade and plastic body panels all around. Of course there will be trade-offs when making such an inexpensive vehicle… hopefully they didn’t skimp on the seat belt material.  With a 33 horsepower 2-cylinder motor, it’s capable of doing 65MPH. The fuel economy’s got to be pretty good, do you think these would sell in the US? The Smart Twofor is here and selling reasonably well, is there room for another competitor in the market? We’d love to hear your thoughts, pics after the jump!

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Lionel Regal Hill Climb Video

Here’s a great video that really exemplifies the meaning of speed. This video is of Lionel Regal in his F3000 doing a hill climb of Course de Cote in Mont Ventoux.

Car Batteries, Battery Chargers, Edge Rebates and More – An AutoAnything Weekly Update

It’s Friday the 13th; the weekend is so close you can almost taste it.  Feeling sluggish? Is time going by at a snails pace? Well we’ve had a lot going on this week and have just the jump-start you need to energize your day; you can check out our new Car Battery department, complete with Performance Batteries and Battery Mount categories, full of Braille Battery products. And if that’s not enough, check out the new Truck Bed Bars category or the new brand CarBox. You’re sure to find something to get your day started off right, get all the details below.


  • Edge Products – Edge is running a rebate on their Edge Evolution and Edge Juice power programmers, as well as their Edge Insight display monitor. This is a great way to save some extra bucks on their top-o-the-line power products. The best part; you can combine the rebate to get all three products, allowing you to save a total of  $95! The rebate from is posted up on our product pages, but here’s a hot-link if you want to scope out the Edge Products Rebate. Order from AutoAnything, you get FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!
  • Banks Torque Tube Headers – Bolting Banks TorqueTube Exhaust Headers onto your rig is the automotive equivalent of swilling a 6-pack of Monster after railing out on 4 king-size Pixie Stix and chewing on raw ginkgo biloba while listening to Andrew WK at full volume.
  • Banks Exhaust Brake – Elvis couldn’t handle his speed. If you don’t want your diesel rig to lose control, you’ll equip it with the Banks SpeedBrake. This all-electric Jake brake system automatically keeps you at safe speeds while you’re running downhill with a heavy load—all without your foot even touching the brakes.


  • Braille No-Weight Batteries – When you’re looking for big power in one light-weight and compact package, Braille No-Weight Batteries are up to the challenge. Available in a variety of different sizes to fit your audio, racing or daily driving needs.
  • Braille Endurance Batteries – Grab the increased power and performance of a Braille Battery in an easy-to-install package. Braille Endurance Batteries are a direct-fit for your OE battery. Available in BCI sizes 34, 48 and 49
  • Braille Battery Mounting Hardware – Braille batteries are lighter and smaller than your stock cell, so make sure to secure it with Brailles battery mounting kit. Available in both universal and custom fit designs, so you can get either maximum flexibility or have a best-in-show battery mount.
  • Braille Battery Charger – Juice up your 12 volt car battery with a Braille battery charger. Three flavors available; 2-Amp trickle charge, 10-Amp power charger and a 10-Battery mulit-charger!
  • Braille Premium Power Protector – Do you hate getting a dead battery? Then Braille has just the device for you. Their Premium Power Protector sits inline with your battery’s cables to sense voltage and cut off power when the charge gets too low. It also comes with two remotes so you can wirelessly connect and disconnect the battery at the push of a button, a perfect device if you store your vehicle for the winter or have a weekend hotrod.


  • Go Rhino Bed Bars – For an off-road look that screams, “We’re goin’ to the dunes, Bra!” Go Rhino Bed Bars are tough to beat. They come in single or double-bar construction with a chrome, black or polished stainless finish. You can even add an optional light bar!
  • CarBox Cargo Liners – CarBox Cargo Liners are like a custom-molded layer of protective skin. Made from vacuumed thermoplastic, they fit your cargo space to fight off wear, tear, spills and dirt. And, they come from our new brand CarBox! Available in black, grey or beige to match most interiors.
  • K-Source Replacement Mirrors – With all the crazy shenanigans that happen out there on the roads, it’s important to keep a clear view of what’s going on. K-Source replacement Mirrors step in when your broken or busted OE mirrors are no longer up to the challenges of the road.
  • RBP Logo Floor Mats – When you roll in a rig that’s equipped with RBP gear, you’re likely to spill your Corn Nuts from time to time. Luckily, RBP Logo Floor Mats are there to catch those ranch-flavored nuggets inside their plush fabric, where they can later be retrieved, blown off, and gingerly savored. And, these floor mats are branded with the RBP logo, so if you’ve also got an RBP grille or badge kit on the outside of your rig, then the proverbial drapes will match the carpet.

That’s all for this Friday, check back next week to get the low-down on our latest product additions!

Jeep Towing FAIL

If you ever get your Jeep stuck in some mud that’s as thick as this, do your self a favor and dig it out.

Warning: Foul language ahead!

2010 Chevy Camaro Options Leaked, Spec out your Next Muscle Car

2010 Chevy Camaro

Someone out there got their mitts on the official 2010 Chevy Camaro Ordering Guide. This is 40 pages of pure Muscle Car Madness! You can build your dream machine or a budget booster, your choice. Given the current economic condition, I think I’d be happy saving some money on the base model 300 Horsepower V6 and then customize it with the standard American muscle mods; intake, chip and exhaust. With those kinds of mods, you should be able to squeeze out another 50-60 horses, making your baseline Camaro produce about 20% more power.  Mmm, mmm good….

Make your decision today by checking out the ordering guide on

Audi S4 vs. Skier

Gotta love Quattro!

PIAA Bulbs, Car Covers and More – An AutoAnything Weekly Update

We’ve been turning and burning over the last week and we’ve got some great new editions to our family of products. Performance stuff for the gear heads, bling for the show stoppers and enough car covers to protect everybodies ride from the tough UV rays of our sun. Here’s the low-down:

Got Go?

  • Quadzilla Scout Monitoring System – For added muscle and efficiency that will get your diesel rig powering through all of your daily challenges, the Scout Monitoring System plugs into any module, chip or programmer. Monitor your engine and tune your vehicle to take on anything.
  • Quadzilla Adrenaline – Get your blood pumping with the burly power of the Adrenaline Pulse Control System. This power programmer allows you to monitor a variety of engine parameters and make on the fly adjustments to accommodate for changing driving conditions. Get yours with the Pulse Control monitor that offers 7 different tuning options and a large display screen.
  • AEM UEGO – This wideband air-fuel gauge gives you an accurate reading on the pulse of your engine, allowing you to fine tune it for maximum power while not pushing the engine outside it’s safety zone.This gauge comes with a controller and a display so you can read your air-fuel reading in real time!

Need Show?

  • PIAA Intense White Bulbs – When you’re looking for a bright white light that doesn’t include a hint of blue, PIAA bulbs are just the thing to light-up your ride. Plus they’re DOT compliant so they won’t attract the attention of the local fuzz.
  • PIAA Xtreme White – We all know that nothing spells cool more than putting an “x” in the name. PIAA’s Xtreme White Bulbs live up to their name by simulating the look of HID bulbs, so you can get that same bright lighting power without the xtreme price.
  • Go Rhino Dominator II – I would make a veiled reference to Terminator II for rhyming’s sake, but to be honest, I’ve seen about 1/2 the movie. Once. Blasphemy, I know. That being said, if these cab-length nerf bars were Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’d be him in his prime—big, strong and flashy.
  • Go Rhino Dominator III – And like the great Arnold, Go Rhino Dominator Nerf Bars just get better with age. Dominator III Wheel-to-Wheel Nerf Bars extend their stainless steel power to dominate roads from Cah-lee-for-nee-ya to Washington, D.C.
  • IPCW LED Door Handles – You’ve got chrome front and rear, under-glow kits in your fenders and underbody, what else can you do? Harness the bling-power of LED’s and get a set of IPCW LED Door Handles. Available in black or chrome trim with either red or amber LED’s. The look great and they can blink with your turn signals!
  • Bull Ring Truck Anchor Points – Secure just about anything in your truck bed with a set of bull ring tie downs. These tie down rings have a tensile strength of 1,000 pounds, but they take just 60 seconds to install and require no drilling! These bull rings rise up when you need them and drop flush when you don’t, giving you maximum flexibility and style.

Protect It!

And once you’re done tricking out your ride, check out our newest category: Semi-Custom Car Covers. It’s packed full of car covers that keep the dirt off your vehicle and your inner bargain-hunter happy. We have packed this new category with our latest additions from the Covercraft line. These semi-custom car covers are made from popular Covercraft fabrics so you can get great protection at a fraction of the price.
  • Nifty Catch-It Floor Protectors – There’s just one word for floor protectors that catch spills, scrape dirt off your feet and look good—Nifty! Made from durably Vyram rubber, Nifty Catch-It Floor Protectors shield floors from big messes and boast custom style.

Wallpaper of the Week: Aston Martin One-77 Cutaway

Aston Martin One-77 - Geneva Auto Show - Front

Aston Martin has vowed to make a super car that makes all others tremble. For months they’ve been providing teasers of how the car will look, showing little pieces of it to the press. Well this week was the Geneva Motor show and the One-77 is now known to the world. It is, in the tradition of all Aston Martin’s, beautiful, elegant and powerful. AutoBlog has done a great write up on the beast and they took lots of pictures. To quickly sum up the One-77, it’s got:

  • A 7.3-liter V8 producing around 750 Horsepower
  • Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Chassis
  • Carbon fiber body panels and ducts
  • Expected curb weight of 3,300 pounds
  • Low 3.0 second 0-60, 200+ MPH

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Watch Your Back Massachusetts: Unmarked F150’s Now Ticketing Motorists

Ford F150 Cop Car

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about on the roads, Massachusetts has recently started using unmarked Ford F150’s to catch unlawful drivers. This was first brought to the public’s attention by Noah, a writer for the Pansy Patrol.  The description of the vehicle is a late model blue/gray F150 with an officer inside and government plates. Hidden light bars also adorn the vehicle, but chances are the only time you’ll see them are when the lights are flashing red and blue.

While I support the officers who manage traffic violations, I personally think using unmarked police vehicles is borderline to “playing by the rules”, especially when you consider the safety aspects of pulling over for an unmarked vehicle.  Now that they are using one of the most popular trucks on the road, the use of unmarked police vehicles goes farther into the gray area.

Wallpaper of the Week: Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce

Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670-4 SuperVeloce - Front View

I know, I know… last weeks WOTW didn’t make it up on Friday, but that’s because we we wanted to bring you something really special on Monday to brighten up your day… consider this mission accomplished.

It’s hard to find a better example of a Lamborghini than their brand-spanking new Murcielago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce.  When compared to the already lightweight LP-640, a 220 lb. weight loss and 487 ft-lbs. of torque helps the SuperVeloce run 0-62MPH in just 3.2 seconds, but it’s the 670 bulls under the hood that make it scream all the way up to 212 MPH (if you have the small spoiler on the trunk, that is).  ‘

The refined, poly-angle design makes it more subtle than the Reventon, but still much more aggressive than the standard Murcielago. The engine cover alone helps transform this beast into an icon as three hexagonal-shaped polymer plates serve as a window into the engine bay, supported by a series of carbon fiber shelves formed specifically to maximize air flow onto the rear spoiler.

I doubt this Murc will be featured at the Lamborghini Academy, so these press photos will have to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy the pics, they should look great on your desktop for the next week or so.  :)

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