Busted: Dealership Porter’s Take Customers Car on a Joy Ride

Scruit, a LegacyGT forum member, has invested quite a bit of time and money into his Subie, including 4 cameras with a DVR in the boot. He recently had to take his GT into a body shop after being involved in a minor fender bender. After he got it back from the dealership, he reviewed the recording of what had happened. While they porters didn’t do anything too outrageous, they did take it up to red line several times and it looks like they were going to do a 4-wheel drift around a corner, but were forced to slow down because of another car in front of them. More than a few miles were added to the odometer and bets are, they burnt up a bit of his clutch… not cool!

This is why I don’t like letting other people drive my car. It’s my car and I treat it right. I know only a few people who will treat it with the same amount of love that I do. This video only re-enforces my hesitation to hand over my keys to valets, mechanics, dealerships, and the like. You can follow the whole discussion at the Legacy GT forum thread, but make sure to check out the video before you go.


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