95MPG Civic Gets Great Fuel Economy, Scares Children

Mike Turner's 95MPG Civic - 3/4 View

It’s got a face that only a mother could love, but boy does it get good range on a full tank of gas. The secret to this Civic’s green house success is in it’s aerodynamics. You may remember from a few years ago, Infinity advertised their G35 as having a .28 co-efficient of drag, the lowest of any sports car in it’s class. The current Toyota Prius has a coefficient of drag measuring .25, which undoubtedly helps it achieve 48 miles per gallon on the freeway. So other than it’s wedge nose and space-age wheel covers, what does this funky beast have in the way of drag? A measly .17 CD.

When it rolled off the factory lines in 1992, this Civic was rated at 43 MPG on the highway.  With a few new body panels, a little bondo and probably some glue, it can now do up to 95 MPG on the freeway at 65 MPH. Sure, it takes a few conditions to get that kind of fuel economy, like fully inflated tires and a nice flat road, but the owner Mike is routinely able to get 800+ miles on a tank filled with just 11 gallons of regular-unleaded gas.  Pretty incredible what some aerodynamic changes can do, huh?

You can follow his build at AeroCivic.com.

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