Hennessey Works on the ZR1, Run’s 11 Second Quarter

Hennessey ZR700 Corvette

Hennessey is known for creating muscle cars that have so much power, they could make the earth spin underneath them. They have not deviated from their path to madness in their latest creation, the ZR700.  Here’s the basic formula; take a limited edition 640HP ZR1 Corvette, add more boost, a bigger intercooler, a K&N intake, stainless steel headers, high flow catalytic converters and an electronic tune to boost up horsepower to 705 at the crank. 

Get more details, dyno sheets and videos after the jump!

This extra lump of power can really be taken advantage of at higher speeds; where the stock ZR1 sprints from zero to 150mph in a measly 17.1 seconds, the ZR700 does that same stat in only 13.9 seconds. The quarter mile is done in 11 seconds flat, as verified by the video below. It could probably go even faster if they could get the 0-60 foot time under the 2 second mark. This run was made on the factory Michelin tires, so putting on some better rubber could net times 1/4 second faster.

This is a sizable amount of more power and speed out of the already highly tuned ZR1, but if you’ve got the hunger, they also have a ZR755 package that includes all the previous mods plus a set of high flow cylinder heads and a more aggressive cam shaft. Hennessey is putting in the time to develop a 1,000 horsepower system; I’m sure the engine can handle the power, but they’ll have to ditch the supercharger and switch to a pair of turbos to get over the four-digit mark.

Below are three videos: the first is the baseline dyno, the second is the ZR700’s dyno and the last proves that an 11 second quarter mile is pretty easy to do in a ZR700.

Source: Hennessey Performance


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  1. this is my future car

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